Women Poolside UV Protective Clothing

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Women Poolside UV Apparel

UV Dangers For Woman_at_the_poolEvery woman wants to be sexy and appealing at the poolside. If there was no UV hazard, and no skin cancer risk, woman would sit all day in the sun, absorb tanning rays like there is no tomorrow.

But there is tomorrow.. and if the skin is exposed to excessive UV light, it gets spotted, wrinkled, pigmented and may even develop skin cancer melanoma.

So how can women sit beside the pool and reduce the UV hazards? Advanced UV protective clothes, can decrease substantial amount of UV radiation, thanks to advanced technology.

Women UPF Poolside Clothing

These clothes have the UPF rating, which means Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The fabrics are manufactured using advanced weaving process, advanced dyes and are added special UV absorbing chemicals to block as much UV as possible from reaching the skin.

The UPF rating begins at UPF 15, and reach UPF 50+ at the highest UV protection level. Men can wear UV ‘armor’ and wouldn’t care less. Poolside UV clothing for women, means not only blocking UV, but attractive designs which flatter too.

The UV protection apparel at the poolside needs to be planned and each layer protects the layer underneath. So lets review the poolside UV protection for women.

Paradise Anti-UV Sun Umbrella

UV Umbrella – It is more common today to walk around with a sun umbrella. In Japan and far east you will see thousands of women walking to work protecting their upper body from sun tanning with sun umbrellas. UV umbrellas block not only sun rays but UV rays too.

In image: Paradise Anti-UV Sun Umbrella For Women

Their advantage is that they are schick & portable, can replace UV hats, and protect upper body fully, covering the shoulders too.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Shapeable Poolside Sun HatUV Hats – These are designed for women they are fashionable, adoring and vivid. UV hats protect the face, and head from UV, and if you buy those trendy wide rim, they cover the shoulders and the neck too.

Their advantage is that they are fashionable, can be matched to other apparel or match the overall look.

Like this Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Poolside UV Hat

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Ruche Swim Shirt

UV tunic-length pool cover-up – The poolside tunic-length cover-ups are very popular at tourist resorts. You can see women walking in the beaches of Thailand, Brazil, Greece and Israel resorts wearing these with beach covers.

They are colorful, air flowing, loose, and sexy. These UV fabrics are also fast drying, shape-preserving, chorine and saltwater-resistant. So they are perfect for pools and sea water. Wearing a bikini under these is popular and smart.

Like this Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Ruche Swim Shirt

SPF 50+ Navy Long Sleeve Rash GuardWomen’s UV Swimming – The last protection for the skin, is the swimming suits. There is no UV bikini.. Those who need total protecting wear the surfer’s swimsuits, which maintain a feminine shape. For leisure there are UV swim wear which is made from UV blocking materials, fast drying, salt and chlorine resistant.

Image: Women’s SPF 50+ Navy Long Sleeve Rash Guard (made in USA).

Women also combine UV swim tops with bikini bottom or UV swimming tights with bikini tops. Women’s UV swimming clothes cover more of the back, and shoulders without giving up on the women body shape designs.

Sun Awareness at Poolside

It is important to remember that he sun UV is pounding all day long. The UVB (tanning rays) are stronger in the summer and at noon. The UVA are at the same rate all year. If there is sunlight there is UVA too.

You need to be covered from UV under shades too. The UV can reflect from shinny surfaces. The pool water and bright poolside surfaces reflect light and UV light, so being under a shade may not be enough.

Remember to war UV sunglasses, apply broad spectrum UV sun creams and drink a lot of water, the skin needs to be fully hydrated to keep elastic and cool.

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