Why You Should Be Wearing Summer UV Protective Clothing

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UV Protective Clothes For The Summer

UV Dangers at SummerWhy you should be wearing UV protective clothes during the summer? What is it about summer season which makes the need to be protected from UV radiation so urgent?

UV radiation is the invisible Ultraviolet rays which the sun sends all year round. But at summer the UV radiation increases and multiplies. The reason the UV is much more dangerous during summer is related to the tilt of the earth toward the sun, and the types of UV the sun is sending.

Understanding UV Radiation at Summer

The sun sends three kinds of UV rays. Very short rays called UVC, short rays called UVB, and long rays called UVA.

UVC are deadly! If they reach the face of the earth we all would fry.. Luckily for us the UVC radiation is filtered and blocked by the Ozone layer.

UVB are the short rays, they reach earth. The UVB short rays penetrate the upper skin layer (epidermis) causing skin to tan, skin burns, skin cancer and skin pigmentation.

UVA are the longest UV rays, they reach earth, and can penetrate deeper into the skin, causing skin aging, wrinkles, skin spots and skin cancer.

During summer while the earth is spinning, the tilt of the globe shortens the distance between the earth and the sun. This means that UVB rays which are shorter, can penetrate the atmosphere and reach the surface of the earth with much more intensity.

That is why we turn brown under the summer’s sun, but will not tan exposed to winter sun. At winter the UVB is less intense and can cause less damage. The tilt of the earth sends us further away from the sun, so the shorter rays diminish.

UV Changes During a Day

UVB is higher at noon than at morning or evening. The earth day time spinning brings us closer to the sun during noon. This is why at noon the temperatures are higher, and at morning or afternoons are cooler.

Note that the UVA rays (the longer rays) which are nearly visible light, reach earth aligned with sunlight. If there is sun light there is UVA light also. UVA is reaching earth 365 days a year, and is at the same level at June and at December.

UVA cause long term changes to the skin, as it penetrates deeper into lower skin tissue layers. UVA can penetrate clouds and some materials. UVA is at the same level all day long.

Summer & Winter UV Risks

This means that during summer, UVB should be your main concern. Your challenge is to reduce the amount of UVB your skin absorbs.

During summer month ‘hot season’ sun awareness should be increased, especially for children. The side effects of UV can be impacting children’s skin more than might impact a grownup person skin.

  • Stay away from the sun at noon hours.
  • Apply SPF creams (prefer those with UVA & UVB protection)
  • Plan your day and activities to be away from direct sun light.
  • Wear a hat and sun glasses.

Wearing Protective Clothing During Summer

One of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of UV radiation, is by wearing new technology fabrics, called UPF clothing. “UPF” is the clothing ratings which is parallel to the cosmetics “SPF” ratings.

The UV protective clothing, are made from materials which block and filter UV. Higher UPF ratings mean less UV passing through the fabric.

These clothes are recommended by the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) and the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Wearing UPF at the pool or beach, UPF when at the park, or for those working or doing sports which last for hours in the sun.

Baby UPF Clothes

UPF clothes For Babies In Summer

  • Sun Protective aqua SUNTECT Polyester
  • Snap On closure
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Comfortable four-way stretch
  • Snap-close bottom for on-the-go diaper access
  • Front snap neckline for easy on and off

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Summer Designs UV Clothes For Women

Sun Rash Protection Shirt

  • Sun Protective ZnO SUNTECT Cotton/Spandex blend
  • Pull On closure
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Flattering feminine cut, 24″ body length (size medium)
  • Lightweight, breathable, and super soft against the skin
  • Highly breathable, cotton/spandex blend

Order now summer UV protective apparel for WOMEN

Columbia Sportswear Men's Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

Wearing UV protective clothes during summer can reduce the amount of UVB radiation otherwise the body needs to absorb. You can find elegant and casual UV clothes for everyday, or T shirts to wear under your own clothes.

Find here top performance protective clothes for MEN

Regular clothes, and T-shirts, protect from 5% of UV, UPF clothes can protect from 98% of the UV! As mentions above, this protection is important for children, toddlers and babies.

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