Why You Need Sun Protection UV Blocking Windsurfing Clothes

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Sun Protection UV Blocking Clothes for Windsurfing

wind-surfing-uv protective aparelWindsurfing clothes require today more than you might expect from a water sport apparel. Except from all the obvious factors, as compression, seamless, rashguard and pushing the water and sweat away. Today the sea sports clothing require sun protection as well. Being out on the waves, exposed to the sun for hours, can be risky for your health like tanning in a tan booth.

Windsurfing athletes and hobbyists are training long hours out at the sea, with zero shade and only the apparel they wear as the last protection from the UV radiation.

Applying UV screen lotion is very important but it usually covers a small part of the skin, which is not covered by clothing, the face, neck and lower arms and legs. Applying sun screen is effective only if the cream is a broad protection type, which covers both UVA and UVB. If it is only SPF type of cream, than it is not protection your skin from the harmful UVA rays.

Note that according to the FDA, the amount of cream which needs to be applied is a teaspoon per body area. Meaning a teaspoon for face, another for one shoulder, another for other shoulder and so on. A tip of cream on the finger is not adding the protection one might expect from a UV blocking cream.

UPF Clothes For Windsurfing

Wearing just any waterspout apparel may not be sufficient to prevent from the sun rays to penetrate. Most fabrics can only block UVB which are the shorter and less dangerous rays. The UVB are the ‘sun tanning’ rays, while the UVA are the longer ones which can penetrate deeper into the skin. The UVA can also penetrate closed and fabrics, hence reach your body even if you have a windsurfing suit on.

If you know you are going to be out with your windsurf sliding over waves. You need to take some precautions to keep your skin safe from the sun.

  1. Try to plan your training hours when the sun rays are less intense. This would be before 10:00 and after 16:00.
  2. Apply the sun blocking lotion several times during your surfing activity. Take some with your and reapply every 1 hour (FDA recommendation for water sports).
  3. Wear sun blocking wet-suits and watershirts, which cover as much of your body as possible. Summer surf shirts and trunks are usually shorter than winter suits and more skin is exposed.

UV Protective Windsurfing Shirts

There are numerous brands, and it is up to you which one you prefer. The important thing is to look for the UPF ratings which tell you the level of protection you can expect from the watershirt.

The highest grade of UV protection will be marked as UPF 50+, this is the highest you will find, no use to look for UPF 60.. or more. Those which have UPF 40 are also very well in blocking sun rays. Below that the screening features of the fabric decrease and for those who are exposed for such long hours, may not be enough.

Women’s Windsurfing UV Clothes

windsurf watershirt upf protection uv sun blockThe good news is those UPF 50 (UV Protection Factor) are not expensive any more, and are affordable to anyone.

Check here Women-Wind-Surf-Long-Sleeve-Shirt. When you order a shirt, add long legging tights to cover and protect the skin of the lower part of the body as well.

Men’s Surfing UV Protection Clothes

winsurfing men uv protection clothesFor men surfers you can begin your outfit with a rashguard shirt, that evaporates sweat and stretches in all direction for minimum, friction.

  • ┬áDesigned specifically for water sports and Surfing
  • 50+SPF/UPF sun protection, Long-Sleeve with contrast side panel colors
  • Durable high-density fabric that protects against rashes and abrasions
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation.
  • 4-Way stretch with water shedding capabilities

You can see more designs and colors for men’s windsurfing sportswear here.


Make sure to be sun protected when you go out to surf. The beginning of UV protection clothing began due to surfers at Australia being at the highest risk for skin cancer. These UPF clothes wear designed to protect surfers.




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