Why Ski Clothes Must Have Sun UV Protection

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UV Skin Damage While Skiing

UV protective Ski ClothingMany people who do winter sports do not think too much about UV dangers. They may put sunglasses to ease the sun glare if skiing the slopes on a sunny day, and may apply sunscreen to protect their face from sun burns. But while they are enjoying their winter sports their skin is absorbing lots of UV radiation which adds up to long term effects.

There are two kinds of UV rays, short rays and long rays. The short rays (known as UVB) are those which are stronger at summer, and they get us the sun tan and sun burns. UVB short rays are less intense during the winter because of the earth tilt away from the sun, most of the UVB does not reach the earth surface.

The longer UV rays which are known as UVA are nearly as long as visible light, which means when ever there is sunlight, there is UVA too. The UVA is around us all year round, including at mid winter! The UVA can penetrate clouds so even on a cloudy winter day when there is light, there is UVA.

The UV lights reflect from different kinds of surfaces, like regular light does. This means that while gliding the snow white slopes, the UV is increased sometimes by even 25%!

Another fact most people do not know, is that UVA can penetrate clothes. So while the UVA will be blocked by any shirt, UVA may penetrate right through it, and reach the skin.

Why Is UV Dangerous For Skiers

Unless the weather is really sunny people who do winter sports like ski and snowboarding will not do anything to be protected against UV radiation. As mentioned above, they may put sunglasses and sunscreen. But their entire body is unprotected from UVA.

If the weather is chilly, cloudy or windy, they may not even apply the sunscreen as they assume there is no UV at all. This is true also for people who do hiking or hunting. The threat for skiers is enlarged because the snow reflects the UV from the sides and not only from the sun.

Ski Clothes For 99% UV Protection

If you are wearing coats, fleece and other layers, then you are probably covered for UV. By wearing one UV protective layer, you are protected, no matter what the other layers are.

Men’s Long Sleeve Solar Performance T-Shirt

UV protective skishirtWhen you buy sun protective gear, look for UPF 50 rating, which is the highest rating for solar protection. The 50 UPF rating mean 98%-99% of the incoming UV is filtered by the apparel.

By wearing a UPF layer below your warm gear you are covered from ultraviolet long rays. Do not forget to wear sunglasses and use broad spectrum sunscreen to protect facial skin from UVA.

Click here to get UPF 50 long sleeve shirt.

Women UV Protective Ski Clothing

UPF ski clothes for womenHere is a base layer for women skiers, it is warm and comfortable and has UPF 30 rating which means its blocking 96% of all UV radiation.

Together with any other layer you will be fully protected from UVA or UVB. Notice the high collar which protects the delicate neck’s skin.

A ski mask can complete the facial solar radiation protection. Click here to get UV protective long sleeve shirt for women.


We wish you a safe and enjoyable ski season with fast track lanes and clear blue sky. If the sky are blue, then be aware of the UV risks and take the necessary measures to be protected.


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