WHEN To Do a Melanoma Skin Check?

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Frequency Of Melanoma Skin Checks

What does UPF clothing MeanMany people know they should do a melanoma skin check once in a while. But how frequent should this skin examination be? When do you need to do it yourself and when do you need to see a doctor to take a look at your skin spots and dots. In this short post we will try and share information we gathered for you. If you have any concern please go see a doctor, better be safe than sorry.

Many people may not know, that the melanoma in many cases DO NOT appear on sun exposed areas! So you may not see them on areas exposed to UV radiation such as your arms, hands and legs or neck. You should be looking between your toes, at the palms of the feet, in your armpits.. in places which may have not been exposed ever to the sun.

You can do a personal melanoma check as many times as you feel necessary. You need to follow these guidelines ad described by the Melanoma Institute of Australia.

The first sign of a melanoma is usually the appearance of a new spot, or a change in an existing freckle or mole. The change may be in size, shape or colour and is normally noticed over several weeks or months.

  • Make sure you check your entire body, including skin not normally exposed to the sun.
  • Use a hand-held mirror or ask for help from someone else to check difficult areas, such as your back and neck.
  • Use a comb to move hair aside and check your scalp.
  • Photograph any suspicious moles so that you can watch them over time to detect any changes.

Self Checking For Melanoma

Frequency Of Melanoma Skin Checks by Age

Here is some more information about frequency of skin cancer checks for healthy people. According to the American Cancer Society, you should get your skin checked for melanoma by a doctor every three years if you are between the ages of 19-39.

Was your skin scanned by a skin doctor in the last three years? If the answer is NO, you should call your physician and get a melanoma skin check appointment as part of your skin cancer awareness.

If you are over 40, then you should be examined by a doctor once a year.

Wearing UPF Clothing

The least you can do to reduce the sun exposure, and the amount of UV your body absorbs is to wear UV protective clothes. These new fabrics, can block up to 98% of the UV. They are a important for children as they are necessary for adults.

Sun Protection Shirt

The basic clothing you will need are the UPF shirts. These have long sleeve and UPF 50+ which is the highest protection rating possible.

Some of the best brands would be Coolibar, Columbia, and SunChelles.

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Sun protective clothing

Men’s wear is similar. There are dozen of colors and designs to choose from. Some UPF clothings are casual others are more elegant. A few basic T shirts + one or two pants, will be an adequate solution to UV exposure.

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If you have any history of melanoma, you should follow your doctors guidelines. Common frequency is getting the skin checked every 3-4 month. Once it was proved that the body knows to produce melanoma cells, there are greater chance melanoma will erupt again.


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