What Is Excessive Sun Exposure For Children

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Avoid Massive Sun Exposure For Children

sun safty for childrenChildren’s skin is much more delicate and and sensitive to Ultraviolet radiation than grownup skin. Children’s skin is smooth and glowing. Adult’s skin is thicker and adults skin tissue have more layers of “dead skin cells” due to low skin rejuvenation cycle.

Dermatologists think that most of the skin cancer patients have began to develop their situation during childhood and due to excessive sun exposure at childhood age.

Children are not aware of UV rays which they can not see nor understand. Except for tanning or sun skin burns, children have no way to grasp the effect of UV radiation.

Children tend to be staying more hours in the sun than adults, they play, they run and have fun, while parents prefer to sit (and rest..) in the shade. All these hours pile up into excessive amount of UV exposure.

Parents Should Monitor Children Sun Exposure

One of the ways to protect children from harmful UV, is to make sure they are not spending too much time in the sun. For this parents should:

  1. Plan the daily activities so that the children are indoor during peak UV hours. 11:00-16:00.
  2. Plan outdoor activities so that the kids play in shady areas and not in direct sunlight.
  3. Walk, rest and sit under shaded areas.
  4. parents should show personal example by choosing walking routes and sitting places which are shaded and express their choice out loud.
  5. Make sure children have sun protection accessories like hats, sunglasses, long sleeve protection.
  6. Applying broad spectrum sun block creams. They MUST have UVA & UVB filtering.
  7. By the FDA, these creams are effective only when applied every hour and very generously – 1 Teaspoon of cream per each part (arm, leg, shoulder, shoulders, abdominal, back).
  8. Wear UPF Clothes when outside for max protection.

UPF Clothing For Children

rp_Boys-UV-Swim-One-Piece-Suit-204x3001-150x150.jpgUPF is a new rate to grade fabrics UV protection factor. These clothes are designed and manufactured to block and filter UV radiation. They are so effective that most of them can block 98% of all UV radiation projected at the skin.

Children wearing UPF 50 shirts and pants are fully covered, and their body does not need any creams to block off UV radiation. Cream need to be used for exposed facial skin, palms and neck which are exposed.

For best protection you need to purchase clothes which are rated UPF 35 to 50. UPF 50 is the highest level of protection, it means 98%-99% is blocked by the apparel!

See here high level (UPF 50) shirts for children:


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