What Does UPF Clothing Mean

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Understanding What UPF Clothing Mean

Everyone knows skin exposure to sun UV rays is very dangerous and can cause skin cancer. Understanding what UPF clothing mean can be the first step toward skin safety for you and/or your family.

One of the ways avoiding such threats to the skin is covering it. But most of the fabrics we wear on a daily basis will not block or reflect UV rays. While most of us think that wearing any T shirt when staying outside will protect our skin from UV rays, the truth is that part of the UV rays can penetrate most of the fabrics and cause skin damage even when skin is covered.

Understanding Cause of UV Skin Damage

What does UPF clothing MeanHigh UVA radiation (long UV rays) have been recorded in Australia due to the Ozone layer becoming thinner over southern hemisphere. The percentage of skin cancer diseases numbers went of the roof. Massive research began to find ways to deal with the large quantities of UVA radiation reaching earth and it’s harmful effects on skin health.

‘Ultraviolet Protection Factor’ began in Australia.

Everyone knows that if you are out in the sun and want to be protected, you should apply sunscreen creams. But these are usually applied over arms nd face, because the rest of the body is covered with clothes. But do these clothes block UV rays too? Well most of them rarely do.

Scientists began experimenting with clothes and fabrics to check which of them can block or reflect harmful UVA rays. They have found ways to measure the amount of UVA which manage to penetrate through clothes. This is how they came up with the Ultraviolet Protection Factor – UPF.

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) gives a rate to the fabric how well it blocks UV rays. Here is a short explanation on what UPF ratings mean from UVProtectiveClothes:

UPF Chart
Textiles (fabrics) that are tested with a UPF rating of 15 or less are not considered sun-protective garments.

  • UPF 15 – 24 ratings are considered “good” and provide 93% – 96% UV radiation block
  • UPF 25 – 39 ratings are “very good” for 96% – 97% UV radiation block
  • UPF 40 – 50+ ratings are “excellent” and block 97% – 99% of harmful UV radiation. See more.

Garments without UPF ratings are blocking only a small fraction of the incoming UV rays, which mean most of it reaches the skin and is absorbed in the lower skin layers.

Buying UPF Clothing

Coolibar Men's UPF shirtA few years ago, buying UPF clothing was quite a challenge. These clothes where found only at small niche stores in Australia and later in the US too. Today UPF clothing can be found at Amazon. Leading brands like Columbia or Coolibar can be found online in different colors and designs.

Check Amazon latest discounts and deals on UPF clothing.

Like this Columbia Women’s Bahama Long Sleeve Shirt.

Or this Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Long Sleeve Fitness Shirt.

Understanding what UPF clothing mean and investing in UPF clothing items can be a smart investment for preventing sun related diseases.

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