Wearing T Shirts Does NOT Protect You From Sun UV

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T Shirts Don’t Block UV Radiation

UV safety T shirts for childrenThink of this situation, the family gets ready to go to the beach, the parents have some UV awareness, and they make sure everyone of the kids will wear a T shirt at the beach. They might even apply over the kid’s pale skin a SPF 50 sunscreen.

As far as these parents think their kids are protected. Right?

Well, they are dead wrong!

Most people do not know there are two kinds of sun UV radiation. The visible light rays carry with them two kinds of Ultraviolet rays. The long waves, which are nearly visible, and shorter rays. The short rays are called by scientists UVB. The long rays are UVA.

There are also UVC which are extremely short and are super deadly sun ultraviolet rays, and luckily they do not reach earth and are blocked by the earth’s atmosphere.

But back to our UVB and UVA, they are both harmful and can cause cancer melanoma and other terrible types of skin cells mutation. UVB are shorter waves of UV, they cause skin tanning and most of their effect is on the upper layers of the skin.

Wearing a T shirt will block most of the UVB and kids wearing T shirt in the sun will have a silhouette tanning at the neck and sleeve line. Applying SPF cream over the arms and legs will prove as effective and they kids will not get sun burned if SPF cream is used as recommended.

So what’s the problem you ay ask.

It’s UVA.

The long sun Ultraviolet rays, have high penetration abilities, they can penetrate clouds, glass, and clothes. SPF creams DO NOT block UVA. So while the kids will not get tanned or burned tehy will get large doses of UVA which reaches deeper into lower skin levels and cause there it’s hazardous side effects.

A regular T shirt made from cotton like we all wear, have been tested and found to block 5%-10% of UVA. All the rest is absorbed silently at our skin every time we are under direct sunlight.

UPF T Shirts Block UVA & UVB

Wet shirt UV protectionFor this reason special fabrics and weaving techniques have been developed in the last 15 years, to create sun blocking clothes, which give permanent and high protection from UVA & UVB.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, it’s the ‘SPF grades for clothes’. Each of the clothing items is tested in a lab to see how much of the UV can pass through the fabric. If 99% of the UV is blocked (UVA & UVB) than the shirt gets the highest UPF rating which is 50+.

Cloth with UPF or 35-50 are recommended for those who are exposed to hours of direct sunlight or have delicate skin (like children). The colors of the shirts are non relevant to their ability to block or filter UV, its a combination of factors weaving, dye, added materials the micro-construction of the fabrics.

Check here UPF 50 Protection T Shirts For Men or UPF 50 Protection T Shirts For Women.

Children have their line of protective clothes too, see here UV sun-blocking T Shirts for Children.

Next time you or your children are out in the sun, or if you live in a place which is mostly sunny it is highly recommended to wear a UPF shirt and be truly protected.



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