Wear Skin Anti Aging UV Armour

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New Anti Aging ‘Skin Armour’ Clothing

It is well known that the sun ultraviolet rays cause the human skin aging process to speed up. Women who did not protect their skin from the sun reach their 40s or 50s, and notice the skin begins to wrinkle.

Sun UVA rays cause skin wrinkles, sun spots, skin discoloration and skin cancer. UVB rays cause sun tanning and sun burns with outer layer side effects too.

Most woman do not know that UVA level at winter is just as high as it is in the summer. UVA levels at a cloudy day are just as high as under clear skies. UVA can penetrate most fabrics and clothes. The most important piece of information most women do not know is that conventional SPF creams do not protect the skin from UVA.

Applying a small amount of SPF cream over the face does not protect the body from UVA to penetrate clothes and get absorbed by the skin.

Wear A UV Skin Armour

UPF Women's Clothing
UPF Women’s Clothing With UVA Protection

Since the thinning of the Ozone layer in Australia, and the mass increase in skin cancer patients. Scientists began searching for UV protection solutions. One of the break though solutions was manufacturing UV protective clothings.

These clothes have the ability to block up to 99% of the UV rays. The clothes are checked at a lab test where UV is projected at the clothes and UV levels are monitored on the other side. Every fabric gets a UV Protective Factor rating called UPF.

UPF ratings clothes block or reflect the incoming UV rays. This means the person wearing them can be outside in the sun and the UV rays will not reach his or her skin.

It is advised to complete the UVA protection with full spectrum sun block creams, which were developed to block UVA (regular SPF creams do not block UVA).

Where To Buy UV Anti Aging ‘Armour Clothes’

Puma Golf UPF 50 Women's Duo-Swing Stripe Polo Tee
Puma Golf UPF 50 Women’s Duo-Swing Stripe Polo Tee

In past years finding shops who have UPF clothing was quite a task. But a couple of yeas ago, the skin cancer awareness has significantly raised, and Amazon began selling UPF rated items.

Today you can find most of the best UPF brands like Coolibar, Columbia, Solar Shield, Speedo, O’Neill and more at Amazon. High UPF clothes at a click of a mouth away.

Check HERE for Amazon UPF clothes for women

Wearing UPF shirts and pants for women can reduce dramatically the UVA radiation their skin absorbs. It is wise to wear these clothes when ever walking and staying outside.

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