Water Sports Thermal Clothing With UPF

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UPF Protective Thermal Clothing For Water Sports

Surfing With Thermal UPF ClothesThere are to main issues to consider when shopping for water sports clothing, the thermal aspect and UV radiation aspect.

Many know that when out doing water activity like swimming, surfing, canoing, rafting or kayaking, the body needs to be kept warm to avoid decrease of body temperature. But not too many give a second thought that when participating in water activity, the skin is 100 percent of the time under direct sunlight.

Children’s skin is much more vulnerable than adults skin when exposed to direct UV rays. It’s children and teenagers who train and practice for hours their water sport hobby, which requires thermal clothing with UPF protection level.

SPF Or UPF For Water Sports Sun Protection

Many of those who do extreme sport activities like rafting or kayaking or those who do wind surfing, protect their body by using SPF sun screen lotions.

Using SPF creams indicates they have the awareness of the sun hazard dangers, but may lack the understanding that SPF is a very low and insufficient way to protect the skin.

SPF creams are mostly effective for UVB sun rays (sun burning) but they do not block UVA radiation. SPF is applied on the exposed skin only (face, arms, and lower legs) but do not cover the larger skin areas like back or abdominal. The last thing is that SPF is a short term protection, and needs to be reapplied every 30 minutes to remain effective.

UPF Protectiveness For Sunsuits

Those who do water sport activity know that they expose their skin to direct sun light (even when under clouds) for hours. This is were the UPF thermal clothing for water sports becomes a solution.

Not any dark color swimming suit means UPF protection too. You need to look for the UPF tag, which reassures you that the fabrics and textile used can block or reflect harmful UV sun rays.

Important UPF Tip – When it comes to water sports clothing like surfing clothes or swimming sunsuits, do not settle for any thing less than UPF 50. (50 is the max level of protection) Lower UPF ratings can be suitable for casual clothing which can be used indoors or outdoors or as layers with other clothes. Sunsuits are the only protection the skin has, so shop for swimwear with the highest UPF rates possible. 

UV Sun Protective Thermal Sunsuit

UV Sun Protective Thermal Sunsuit

  • Sleeves/Collar: 80/20 Nylon/Lycra and Body: 1mm Neoprene
  • Sun Protective Boys Thermal Sunsuit
  • Provides Core Body Warmth, Perfect for Indoors or for Cold Weather
  • Body is 1mm Neoprene with Front Zipper and Zipper Flap
  • Nylon/Lycra Sleeves to Allow for Free Arm Movement
  • UPF 50+ Rated; UV Protective Fabric Blocks 97.5% of UV Rays

Click here for Boys UV Sun Protective Thermal Sunsuit




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