Watch Out From Cheap UPF Clothing..

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Cheap UPF May Be ‘Expensive’

We all look for bargains and deals when going shopping or shopping online. But when it comes to UPF clothing, cheap may become expensive and harmful for your skin’s health.

UPF ratings is an international label for Ultraviolet Protective Factor. Though this has become a known ‘rating factor’ there is a great difficulty to check whether the fabric stand up to it’s claims. Without a UV lab check, the customer can not know the exact UV protection level of the fabric.

UPF Clothes Fail To Pass UV Tests

There are several of UPF rating levels and standards around the world. The first to label clothes as UPF were the Aussies (Australians), then joined New Zealand and the Europeans and the USA. Each country has a different type of factors to be checked before a fabric can be tagged as UPF.

Apparently some clothes who claim they have a high UPF rate, fail to pass a simple UV lab test. In these tests UV is projected from one side of the clothes and UV is recorded on the other side. If UV passes the clothes than there is no UV protection, if some is blocked or absorbed, than the level of UV passing is monitored and checked.

Some cloth who claimed 20 UPF rating, did not block and UV rays! Others who did block some UV were far from their rating claims. Here is an example for UPF clothes brands failing such a test:

Two brands made false label claims. Sunveil claimed its cover-up was “designed to block up to 97 percent UV radiation,” but our tests showed it actually had a UPF of zero. A tunic from Solarveil also flunked: Though its tag boasted 90 to 95 percent UV blockage, its real score was zero.

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What Does It Mean For The Consumer

There is the direct danger that while wearing these clothes, the consumer may feel ‘protected’ and may be more exposed to the sun than they would be otherwise. For some who wear UPF clothes for a specific reason such as after laser hair removal treatment or people with special skin condition, they are at a higher risk to worsen their condition with low UPF grades or non at all.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Sun Shirt - Sun Protective
Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Sun Shirt – Sun Protective

The conclusion is that the consumer has to be very careful when buying UPF clothes. We can recommend buying only from well know global brands, who will not risk their name being damaged with clothes failing such simple tests.

Brands you can be sure about their UPF ratings are Colombia and Coolibar. These are the top manufactures for UPF clothing with a long history of designed clothes with high UV protection level. These companies have advanced R&D teams and testing labs to make sure their clothes stand the ratings claim.

Buy from Amazon:

Columbia UPF 50 Women's Innisfree Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
Columbia UPF 50 Women’s Innisfree Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Their fabrics are tested to the highest level, and the will stand behind their UPF rating claims. There are all sorts of cheap deals at Amazon too, so you do not have to pay as much for these brands at private online shops.

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