UVB are Burn Rays UVA are Cancer Rays

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Risks & Dangers From UVB and UVA

UVA Sun UV DangersThe sun sends earth light energy all day long. Some of the light energy is in the human eye spectrum (that’s the colors we see). But a large quantity of the light is UV light which is outside the visible light spectrum.

Scientists have divided the UV spectrum into three different categories. UVA – UVB – UVC.

UVC are extra short UV rays. They do not reach earth and are all absorbed by Ozone layer.

UVB are the mid range rays, most of them are filtered by Ozone layer too, but some of them reach earth. Since they are shorter UV waves, they are more intense at summer, at midday, and at higher altitudes. At these situations earth tilt is toward the sun.

UVA are the long UV rays which are close to visible light. Nearly 90% of the UVA rays reach earth. UVA is at a similar level at winter or summer, at a cloudy day or under clear skies.

Health Hazards From Ultraviolet’s Rays

UVA Cancer HazardsUVC – Can kills all of us if it reaches earth. Luckily Ozone layer filters it away. We should all keep our environment clean and think of Kyoto Protocol more seriously.

UVB – Are the sun burns rays. When ever we get sun burned, it is the UVB which cause most of the damage at the superficial epidermis skin layers. Tanned skin or burned skin are both damaged skin at different levels of burns.

UVA – Are the skin cancer rays. Since they are longer and have ability to penetrate deeper into lower dermis layers. UVA cause the skin cancer changes to the skin. UVA does not burn the skin, so even at cloudy days you may be affected by UVA when you feel you are cool and safe. UVA cam cause skin aging, wrinkles, sun spots, pigmentation, eye damage, and skin cancer.

UVA – UVB Threats For Your Health


How To Protect Yourself & Family From UVA

First let’s straighten the easy UV threat. UVB cause heat. That is why it is quite easy to avoid it. Just stay in the shade, or use any SPF cream generously and you are fairly protected. Stay away from the hot sun between 10:00-16:00, and do not expose your skin directly to sun light – Wearing any long sleeve T shirt will reduce the UVB radiation on the skin.

But doing this will not protect you from UVA (cancer rays). SPF creams do not block UVA. T shirts do not block UVA either. You need to know this in order to protect yourself and your familiy.

Broad Spectrum Sun Block Creams

broad spectrum uva uvb sun screen protectionIn order to block UVA, you need to begin looking for effective sun block creams. These creams are labeled as ‘broad spectrum’ or ‘UVA & UVB’. If the sunscreen has only SPF factor, they are worthless for UVA.

High SPF does not mean better UVA protection. It means higher UVB protection. SPF 15 can block say 90% UVB, and SPF 30 can block 95% UVB. There is no need to apply SPF higher than 30, their effectiveness is insignificant.

If you do not have broad spectrum UV block cream, you can get one here from Amazon.

Wearing UPF Clothing

The second advice would be to wear UPF rated clothing which can block up to 99% of UV radiation. These are special fabrics treated and made to block or reflect UV light.

Wearing any UPF clothes will reduce the UV radiation the body absorbs when outside. Higher UPF rating means better UV protective level.

Read More Below UPF Apparel For Your Needs

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