Why UVA is the True Silent Killer

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Most Dominant UV Radiation On Earth

UPF clothes at cloudy daysDid you know that 90% of the UV reaching earth from the sun is UVA type radiation? While SPF creams can block only some UVB short rays, which most of is filtered by Ozone layer. UVA sends it’s long wavelength through Ozone layer, through clods and through most fabrics, 365 days a year.

While altitude and season are a major factor for UVB intensity, UVA levels are the same throughout the year, summer or winter. Many people think they are protected from UVA when they apply SPF creams. But most SPF sunscreening creams are literally useless protecting people from UVA..

CDC.gov spells out UVA as one of the main risks for skin cancer.

UVA is the most common kind of sunlight at the earth’s surface, and reaches beyond the top layer of human skin. Scientists believe that UVA rays can damage connective tissue and increase a person’s risk of skin cancer. See more..

Knowing the UV index levels in your area is the first step for personal skin safety.

Check UV Levels In Your Area

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UV Index Levels Explained

2-5 = Moderate

6-10 = Highly Dangerous

11+ = Extreme

Personal UV Protection

Avoiding UVB is quite easy. Just stay in the shade. Avoiding UVA requires other solutions.

broad spectrum uva uvb sun screen protectionUVA & UVB Sun block Creams – SPF creams reduce UVB only, but have no impact on filtering UVA. ONLY broad spectrum creams can block both UVA & UVB sun radiation. If the UV index in your area is higher than 5, you should begin using broad spectrum lotions. Here is a low cost effective broad spectrum sun block lotion.

UV Protective ClothingUV Protective Clothings – If you live in an area where UV index is high on a regular basis, you should consider wearing UPF clothings. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which means the clothes have been checked and found effective in blocking UV radiation.

Go to Amazon for UPF shirts for women – or UPF shirts for men. Make sure you buy UPF 40-50 ratings only. That’s the highest rating possible and it means up to 99% of UV blocked.

UVA radiation is all around us, 365 days a year, summer or winter. It’s long lasting side effects can take their toll after a decade.. Smudging SPF over your skin will not block UVA radiation entering deep skin tissue. Daily UVA protection and precautions are needed. Start Today!


Learn More On UV Personal Protective Solutions:

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