UV Sun Protection For Long Runs & Marathon Training

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Sun Hazards For Marathon Runners

UV Dangers For RunnersMost runners are aware that heat stroke can cause an immediate death. Experience runners usually run early in the morning when the air is cool, or late afternoon or at night when temperatures fall again. But for those training for marathon, the sun hazards go beyond the heat.

Professional runners or those who train for a marathon, can be outside for hours running hundreds of miles per month. All this time they might be exposed to hundreds of hours under UV radiation, causing their skin dangerous damage.

UVA Cause Skin Damage All Year

UVA sun light is a sneaky killer. It does not cause heat like UVB which cause skin burns or tanning, so it is unfelt on the skin. UVA reaches deep to lower skin layers causing long lasting damage to skin cells. UVA is at a constant level during summer and winter, and because it can penetrate clouds running for hours on cloudy days may not cause heat stroke but will pump your skin with UV radiation.

“Regular” people who do not run are mostly indoors for most of the day. Runners are those beating their shoes at parks, pavements, and running tracks. Marathon runners do not settle for a 15 minute jog, they need an intense workout to stay in shape. Marathon runners who run for 10 miles at 9 minutes per mile, gets 90 minutes of UV pulsed at their skin.

Staying Safe From UV While Running

The most simple advice to stay safe from excessive UV is to apply sun block lotions. Check for those which are labeled “Broad Spectrum” they are the only ones which can block both UVA and UVB. The SPF factor is relevant only for UVB heat rays, and NOT for the invisible UVA.

Sun block creams get less effective for long distance runners. The sweat and the long distance cause the protection to decrease all the way to nothing. Many runners do not like the smell or feeling of the greasy lotions on arms and face.

Wear a running hat, it will protct your head from the direct sun light. Hat can help reduce the sweat dripping down from forehead into the runner’s eyes.

Get UV Protective running clothes. These clothes have a special rating called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). They are made from advanced fabrics, dyed in UV blocking/reflecting colors. High UPF running clothing (rated 50) can reduce the UV radiation by 99%!

UPF running shirts UV protectiveUPF running clothes are better than sun block creams because they do not smell, they are not greasy, and their protection level stays effective for the whole run.

Most of the top sports gear brands are selling at Amazon running gear which has high UPF ratings. Brands like Adidas, Columbia, Nike and Reebok have top of the line running shirts, jackets or tights which block UV radiation.

Be like professional runners, who maintain a healthy nutrition diet, run in quality running shoes, train hard and protect thier skin from UV radiation while running.


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