UV Resistance Clothing

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Clothes With Built In UV Resistance

UV resistance clothingUV is all around us. UV are invisible Ultraviolet rays which arrive from the sun with the visible light. No matter where you live, no matter what is the weather outside, ultraviolet is out there.

People relate UV only with tanning. They think that UV is only around if the sun is out, and the temperatures are high. But UV radiation is around us all year round. It’s damage on the skin cells is adding from day to day.

UV can cause skin aging, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, cancerous melanoma, and cataract. So being aware of UV side effects, and the fact that the UV is always there.

UV Awareness is Not Enough

It is smart to be aware of UV dangers. But being aware is not enough. Smart people move from awareness to action. Wearing a hat, applying UVA and UVB sunblock creams, avoiding the sun from 11:00-15:00 (when UVB rays are at their peak).

Wearing UV Resistance Clothing

The need to block or reflect UV began when the Ozone thinning effect caused a tsunami of skin cancer patients in Australia. UV resistance apparel where being developed to block and reflect UV for surfers and for ordinary people.

UV filtering is achieved by combining different technologies like UV blocking dye, adding UV absorbing ingredients like zinc to the fabrics, applying tighter weave and other solutions to reduce the amount of UV which reached the skin.

There are many UV resistance accessories like UV hats, UV umbrellas, UV gloves, UV bathing suits, UV shirts and pants, and even UV tents and outdoor shades. The smart way to fight off UV is to wear these UV resistance accessories in layers and according to your lifestyle.

UPF 50+ Women's Sun Protective WrapIf you are working in the sun, then you should get UV blocking clothes every time you go to work. If you are occasionally in the sun, then you can consider taking a UV umbrella in your car, it will filter direct UV away. There are UV underwear clothes so you can wear your regular clothes on top and still be protected.

Image: UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Protective Wrap

If you do outdoor sports then you need UV clothes for running or cycling, and UV hats, UV sleeves too. Water sports require UV creams and UV protective rash guards.

How To Buy High UV Resistance Clothes

UPF Women's Long Sleeve Shirt
UPF Sportswear Women’s Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

The best advice is to search for reputed online shops, they have good items and deliver high customer service. Amazon is the leader in online UV clothes, but if you live in Australia then you probably know some of the local online shops too.

Brands! Yes the big brands have better quality UV resistance clothing. UV clothings require lots of R&D (research and development) and the big brands have the enough funds to invest in high quality fabrics. Some of the leading brands are: Coolibar, Columbia and UVskinz.

Image: Columbia Women’s Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

Buy high UPF rating. You will see professional UV clothing manufacturers will write their UV protection level. The rate goes from UPF 15 till UPF 50. Best UV protection is rated UPF 50+ which means less than 2% of UV may reach the skin, that’s 98% of UV blocked.

Remember if there is sun light, there is UV light.

Being sun smart is.. smart, but wearing UV clothes is clever. Don’t over do it, buy only a few items you can mix and match. One pants and 2-3 shirts which you can wear with one another.


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