UV Protective Clothes At Winter

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Wearing UPF Clothes During Winter

UPF Clothes For WinterMost people think that the harmful UV rays are causing most of the damage during the summer. The truth is that the UVA (long Ultraviolet rays) are just as harmful during the winter. Wearing UPF protective clothing at winter is important when being outside.

During the winter month, there is less radiation from UVB (short length UV rays). The short UVB rays, are those which cause the tanning in the summer, and are those which cause the skin burns when over exposure to sun rays occur. But the UVB is not the only rays to watch out from.

UPF Clothes For Winter

The assumption that there is little UV radiation during winter is not correct, and may result in long term skin damage due to UVA exposure. The UVA rays are long rays which are not filtered by clouds or glass ,and not even by regular clothes.

Wearing many layers of clothes can reduce the amount of UV rays being able to penetrate through the fabrics. But during the winter there are plenty of days which people walk around with a long sleeve shirt and a jacket believing they are protected from UV radiation.

Only UPF clothes can filter or block effectively the UVA radiation. The best UPF clothing are those with the 50+ sign tagged to them, this rating means that 99% of the UVA & UVB is blocked by the fabrics.

For winter UPF clothes pick those with the long sleeve, which protect the arms. The colors do not matter, dark or light colors may have the same 50+ rating. UPF fabricsĀ use special dye and construction of fibers to block or reflect the UV rays.

UPF Winter Over Or Under Clothes

UPF thermal shirts for winterThere are two options for UPF protection layering. Wearing UPF underclothes, or wearing UPF clothes over warm under wear.

Wearing UPF protective clothes during winter does not mean you can not wear your regular clothes as you have been used to. There are many UPF thermal long sleeve shirts for men, which can be worn under any other clothes you choose. The Thermal UPF clothes will serve as double protection for those outside, keeping the body warm and safe from UV rays.

There are UPF designs for men, to be used as top layer. These include UV protection shirts with buttons, heavy fabrics, with fashionable masculine design. So you can wear warm underclothes and a UPF protective clothing above.

Women’s UPF Clothing For Winter

Women have less UPF clothing for winter to choose from. Manufacturers probably know it will be difficult to fit the endless designs for the most recent fashion trends with UPF technology for women.

For this reason there are plenty of UPF long sleeve shirts which women can wear under any other clothes they have, and be both stylish and protected. Here are some women’s UPF 50+ long sleeve shirts in 13 different colors.


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