UV Protection Swim Trunk For Boys (Angry Birds)

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Boys Swim Trunk With UV Protection

Our responsibility as parents is to make sure our kids get the safest environment as possible. Guarding them from excessive sun exposure is one of the things we ought to give some thoughts to.

Most of the year our children are somewhat protected from hazards of UV radiation when they are inside classrooms or at home. The times when they are fully exposed to dangerous doses of UV radiation is when they are out in the sea, beach or beside the pool.

Sun UV Long Term Side Effects

Being hours upon hours under direct sun light can cause short term and long term effects. The short term dangers is that the skin will get sun burned which cause pain and very itchy feelings for hours or even days. The long term effects should worry the parents even more.

The long UV rays called UVA, can penetrate deeper into the skin’s lower layers, and begin there the cancerous effects on the skin cells. Today skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the USA. With tens of thousands of new patients being diagnosed every year.

UV Protective Swim Trunk

Angry Birds UV Swim Trunk For BoysCovering the body with UV blocking fabrics is the most effective way to reduce the sun’s UV side effects. Today scientists have managed to create special kind of clothing which can block up to 99% of incoming UV radiation.

When the child is outside at the beach or by the pool, the UV protective swim trunks will block or reflect up to 99% of incoming UV rays. For full protection you should add a shirt which has a UPF rating to protect the upper body too.

When your boy wants to jump into the water, he will remove the shirt but the UV protective swimming trunk will still be there to reduce the overall radiation. These UV protective swimwear reach below the knee so they cover more skin than regular swim trunks.

Angry Birds UV Swimwear For Boys

Angry Birds UV Swim Wear For BoysThe Angry Birds designs available at Amazon make sure boys will love to wear them and be seen in them. There are half a dozen of Angry Birds UV protective designs in all sorts of funny poses. This can be a cool (& smart) present for boys for this summer.

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