UV Protection Shades For Backyard

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Shades To Protect Children From UV In Backyard

Sun Shade Sail for Patio or PoolEveryone knows that reducing the exposure to sun UV is one of the basic recommendations of the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology).

There are many ways to reduce the exposure of children to UV light during their day. One of the solutions which is overlooked, is placing large UV sail canopy shades over the back yard. In this post we will explain about backyard shades which can reduce UV exposure for children and for you.

When you drill down to the basics of avoiding sun exposure the main guidelines are:

  • Stay away from the UV peak noon hours.
  • Walk, sit, play in the shade.
  • Plan outside activities to non dangerous hours.
  • Wear the right UV clothes and UV protective accessories.
  • Apply SPF and UV sunblock protection creams.

Looking at those tips it is quite easy to see, that maintaining a sun free day is not an easy task. Planning and wearing the special clothes, applying creams..

No there is some more solution, many people might skip. This solution can solve some of the threats and reduce the UV exposure of the family, with less hassle then the other guidelines.

Backyard & Home Pools UV Shades

There are millions of homeowners in the USA who have a back yard, or a garden at home, in which children play, and the family sits at weekends. Many have pools and patio too.

Shade Canopy Sun Shelter Has Less UV Under It

UV pool shades sail coverThere are large UV nets, which can absorb most of the UV radiation from the sun. The UV shade covers which are easy to install create a shaded area free of UV under it. The nets can filter up to 95% of incoming UV.

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Lower Temperature

One other advantage of the UV shades is that the temperature under them is usually lower by a few degrees! Less light and less UV mean some of the summer heat radiation is blocked at the top part. So the children or guests not only sit in a UV safe area, but they are at a coolest place in the patio also.

UV sun canopy shade shelterThe kids can play outside at any hour, and as long as they stay in the cool shaded area, they are getting far less UV than they usually do.

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Nets have a long warranty, and have all the assembly rings sent together with the shades.


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