UV Protection Clothes For Hunters

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UV Sun Protective Hunting Gear

Hunter UV Protection clothesThere is no “indoor” hunting.. hunters can be hiking and outside for hours and days. While they are out in the mountains, or in the forest, or out in the desert, they are all exposed for the long term dangers of UV radiation.

As a hunter, you probably know.. you can run but you can’t hide! UV is everywhere, there is no escape from the solar ultraviolet radiation. It even gets intensified up in the mountains, near winter white slopes or near a river.

Being silent is part of getting your hunt, but this time the UV is the hunter and you are the hunt. Ultraviolet are creating a silent long term damage to the skin, that the odds of developing skin cancer rises beyond proportion. Next time you are in the Blind, think that while you hunt you are also hunted.

Use UV Protective Camouflage Gear

If you are investing in your hunting gear, and getting the right camouflage clothes. You should be considering for your own safety, using UV protective gear when on the trails. In recent years the technology of UV protective gear has developed in ways which block nearly 99% of all UV.

Most hunters will wear a hat or use sunscreen in a sunny day because they know about sun dangers. There are two kind of UV, the short warm rays called UVB, and the longer rays which are connected to sunlight not sun heat. Most people think that cool winter sun does not send any UV.

What You Should Know About UVA

UVA are the long UV rays, which are present 365 days per year, and have the same harmful effect at all seasons. In fact when hunting in the snow or near water reservoirs, the UVA can be 25% more intense because the rays (like light rays) reflect from the shinny surface of the snow and water. This reflection effect also happens on white sands and in the desert.

Unlike regular UVB which is present only when the sun is out and is intense during summer, UVA is around us all the time. It can penetrate clouds and clothes. So you may be outside for days, unprotected while the UVA is penetrating the clouds and your clothes, harming your skin.

When hunting you know when you got a kill. But when you are hunted by UV, you will never know how much damage was created until skin cancer erupts within a few years.

SkinCancer.org has these facts:

Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.

Sustaining 5 or more sunburns in youth increases lifetime melanoma risk by 80 percent.

An estimated 42,670 new cases of invasive melanoma in men and 31,200 in women will be diagnosed in the US in 2015.2

An estimated 6,640 men and 3,300 women in the US will die from melanoma in 2015.


Here is what you should do:

Be aware! Know that being outside hunting has it’s risks when it comes to UV exposure.

There are UV protective clothes and gear which can keep UVA and UVB blocked and filtered. The protection level is rated by the UPF rating, which begins at 15 and reached 50 or 50+ which is the highest level you can find. If you are a pro and spend days outside, you should go for the UPF 50 clothes. If you just go here and there on hunting trips you can settle for UPF 30-45.

Here are hunting clothes and gear with high UPF protection levels:

Winter / Summer UV mask

UV protection Hunter maskProtecting the head, face and neck from UV and weather elements. Using UV glasses is highly recommended, these can screen UV which can damage the eyesight.

UV mask Balaclava is useful for all seasons, and all terrains. If you wear this then you do not need to wear a hat as it screens 97% of all UV.

Check here for this popular UV protective face mask.


Wear UV Protective Clothes UNDER your professional hunting apparel.

UV protective hunter shirtYou can save a lot of money by wearing UV protective clothes under your hunting gear. The protection effect will be the same.

UVA can penetrate your upper clothes and will be blocked by the under shirt. There are many colors, as a hunter you can get the tone which suits your surrounding environment.

Click here to get UPF 50 long sleeve shirt.

Men’s Scent Control HeatGearĀ® Long Sleeve

UV Hunter Shirt Long SleeveFor the professional hunters who wish to blend into the forest, the Scent Control UPF 50 hunting gear has all the solutions, from shirts, to hoods, to head masks, and pants. UA Scent Control technology lasts longer and works better, keeping you undetected.

UA Catalyst fabric built from recycled materials for low environmental impact and superior durability.

Click here to get the Scent Control technology with 50 UV protection.


Men’s Scent Control Early Season Hunting Pants

UV Men Scent Control Early Season Hunting PantsWhile we usually put a lot of emphasis on protecting our upper body from UV, note that the bottom part needs the same protection from the UV.

The legs skin area surface is just as large as the upper body. When laying in the grass, or resting beside a rock, the UVA reaches every inch in our body.

Click here to get a professional Scent Control UV protective hunter’s gear.



Have a safe hunting season, do it sensible and wisely, while you protect yourself from long term dangers of UV and protecting others by implementing all the safety measures.

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