UV Protection Blanket For Baby Strollers

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Protecting Babies In Stroller From UV Radiation

The baby’s skin is twice as delicate when it comes to UV protection. Babies have a thin skin, which means regular sun rays can penetrate deeper into lower dermis layers.

Most babies and toddlers have fair skin, which means they have less melanin (color cells) which are the natural sun protection cells of the body. When we tan our skin gets darker, and adjust it self to the task of absorbing short UVB sun rays.

Longer sun rays called UVA can penetrate deeper into skin layers, regardless of outer skin tone. UVA rays can penetrate most fabrics and clothes, so while the baby is dressed they are still exposed to long term harmful UV.

Baby UV Protective Solutions

UV Clothing For BabiesAs parents we should take a minute to consider all the threats to our children and do a short evaluation on each of them to find the right solutions. It is easy to see when a baby gets sun burned, their skin will turn red and they will probably cry when touched.

When it comes to safety in the sun, most of the solutions are quite easy and straight forward.

Sun screening lotions are very effective as long as you make sure they are “broad spectrum” creams, and there is a specific UVA & UVB protection level on them. Regular ‘SPF creams’ filter only short UVB sun rays and will not block UVA (long UV radiation).

Many parents think that high SPF sun block creams are the only protection solution from UV hazards. Creams are effective only on placed they have been applied on, and must be applied every hour or so, to maintain their protective level.

UV Protective Blanket For Strollers

UV blanket protective for babiesToday the most advanced UV protection for babies is wearing UPF clothing. These clothings are manufactured with advanced fibers and treated to block over 99% of incoming UV rays.

The UPF clothes cover most of the babies skin (unlike creams which are applied to exposed skin). UPF clothing protection do not require to be reapply every hour, as long as the baby is covered, they hare protected.

If you live in a sunny place, and your baby enjoys riding outside, there is a smart new solution – UV protective blanket. This blanket is made from special treated soft fabrics, which block/reflect up to 99% of the incoming UVA & UVB rays.

Investing in a UV protective blanket can save money instead of buying a collection of UPF clothes for the baby.

Just cover the stroller to shade the baby with the blanket and the baby is sound and safe from UV radiation. When they run around to play, apply some broad spectrum sun block cream to keep their delicate skin protected.

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