UV Gloves Can Protect Your Hand From Skin Aging

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Wearing Anti Aging UV Gloves

There are some ways to tell a woman’s age.. Look at the neck skin and the skin at the back of the hand. These two areas have very thin skin and unless treated carefully they aging side effects will be first showing there. There are several things you can do, to maintain a smoother skin and slow the aging effect at the skin on the back of the hands.

Hands Skin Age Faster Under UV

It is well known that UV cause early aging of the skin. The UV light though invisible, creates wrinkles, sun spots, freckles and skin cancer. The UV can be divided to two main radiation wavelengths, UVA & UVB.

UVA are the longer wavelength which the sun sends, they can penetrate clothes and clouds, and reach deeper into the skin. Until a few years ago scientists did not consider UVA to be dangerous. Now it is known that UVA can cause skin cancer and have a long term impact on the lower skin tissues.

UVA can reach the dermis layer and affect the collagen layer which keeps the skin elastic. SPF creams do not block UVA. Products must specifically claim UVA effectiveness.

UVB are the short UV rays. These rays have been known for years to cause tanning side effects as skin burns, skin pigmentation, and skin cancer. UVB rays can be easily blocked with any SPF cream.

FDA Blew The Beauty Products SPF Scam

Most cosmetic products have some SPF protection level. But most people aren’t aware to the new FDA announcement which blew the whistle on the “SPF scam”. The beauty manufacturers added UV protection ingredients, just to make their products more customer appealing. Apparently low SPF ratings under 30, are not effective to block the UV they claim they do. Most cosmetic creams, make up foundations and day lotions have SPF 8 or 15.

This means women have been applying hand creams and face creams which are not effective protecting from UVB and not effective at all blocking UVA.

Reducing UV Radiation On The Hands

When you think of it, our hands are always exposed. Even when the arms are covered by long sleeves, the hands are peeking out. When driving our hands are on the wheel, getting hours of sun light and UV while the rest of the body is shaded and covered.

Because the skin is thinner at the hands, the UV aging side effects show faster than other skin areas. Wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation will all show sooner on the back of the hands.

UV gloves protect from solar sunUV Sun Gloves can solve most of the UV exposure! Wearing them during driving or when walking at day time, can reduce up to 90% of the UV they are absorb usually. Reducing the UV should be the the main focus for any person who is having Chemotherapy.

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Wearing UV gloves at younger ages may slow down the aging process and side effects over the skin.

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