UV Endangering Your Family During Winter

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UV Radiation Risks During Winter

uv protective scarfEarth is getting UV radiation 365 days a year. 95% of this radiation is UVA which are long UV rays, and 5% of the radiation is UVB which are the short UV rays. Most of us are aware of the short rays UVB because it’s the short rays which effect our outer skin. The UVB causes tanning and skin burns.

But where is the other 95% of the UV radiation? Is it dangerous?

Yes, the UVA is just as dangerous as the short rays. In fact it can even be more dangerous since there is no signs to its long lasting effects, only until they are done. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin layers reaching lower, and damaging the dermis. UVA cause skin aging, skin brown spots and wrinkles. Both UVA and UVB can accelerate development of skin cancerous cells in the skin.

How to protect from something you can not see of feel?

uv protection for carsThe best way to protect your skin from UV during winter is to know that UV is THERE like oxygen, you can’t see it, but you know it is there..

UVB is easy to block or filter. In summer it is enough to apply SPF cream and you are protected from UVB. Wearing any long sleeve shirt can block UVB.

UVA is more sneaky than UVB.

  • UVA radiation is not filtered by regular SPF creams.
  • UVA can penetrate clouds, and fabrics.
  • It can penetrate glass and reflect from shinny objects.


What Can You Do To Filter UVA at Winter

Protect your car from UVA by applying UV protective film to the windows. The UV protective film doesn’t have to be dark or tinted, you can find transparent UV protection coating for car windows.

Window film for uv protectionProtect your home and rooms with the same UV protective shades and window cling films. These will let the sun light in but keep the UV radiation OUT. These UV protective window clings will help protecting wooden floors and furniture from fading too.

Wear UV protective clothes above or below other clothes. In winter a protective underwear shirt can keep UVA away from your upper body. If you know you are outside and get lots of UV hours (even if you are not tanning and it is cold!) make sure you are protecting your skin.

Apply broad spectrum SPF creams at winter for face and exposed skin. The cream should have UVA & UVB protection, otherwise it will not filter the ling rays.

So while people think a cool day has no risks, and a cloudy day is a safe day, the truth is slightly different. You should take some precautions to keep you and your family safe from UV radiation. The outcome of being protected or NOT being protected will be noticed in 10 years..

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