UV Blocking Clothes For Children

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Kids Clothes – Blocking UV Rays

It is thought that most of our lifetime sun exposure occurs when we are young. Babies, toddlers, children and youth have excessive amount of sunlight compared to adults. Unfortunately skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in America. Millions are diagnosed and thousands of new patients are added every year.

The best way to reduce the risk of skin cancer, is to decrease the amount of sun light and UV light at childhood. It is smart to be aware of the UV dangers, and keep our children away from this hazard. As parents we watch out for them on the food they eat, on the safety of their surroundings, and we should watch out for their safety under the sun.

Know The Enemy – UVA & UVB

When you plan your sun safety routine, you need to know your enemy. Most people know about UV, but never heard of UVA or UVB radiation.

The sun sends visible light rays and also ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays are invisible. The shorter rays are called UVB and the longer rays which are nearly visible called UVA.

UV-B (the short rays) cause melanin production in the skin cells and the skin gets darker (tan). UVB is intense at noon, and at summer month. Most SPF creams can reduce UVB radiation.

Until not so long ago, only UVB was concerned as dangerous. Now doctors and dermatologists have found UVA to be dangerous too.

UV-A rays are longer rays, and they can impact the skin all year, and at all hours. UVA can penetrate clouds, shirts and fabrics. UVA is dangerous at cold days too, and even when there are thing clouds. UVA radiation reaches deeper into skin layers, causing cancerous effects in skin tissue.

Blocking Solar UV With Protective Clothes

The thinning of the Ozone layer caused massive increase in skin cancer patients diagnosed in Australia. Science was challenged, and soon new UV blocking clothing were being developed.

Sun proof clothing began as protection clothing for surfers, then as the need grew, the UV blocking apparel began to be used by all. Today UV blocking clothes can be found at Amazon, with line for men, women and children. There are even special sun proof clothes for babies.

UV Blocking For Toddlers

Boys UV Swim One-Piece SuitIt is important to keep toddlers away from the sun. Indoor games during the UV peak hours at noon.

When they are outside, make sure they play in the shade, not at direct sunlight, and wear a hat to protect their head and face.

If at the pool or beach, there are UV blocking swimwear. These rash guards suits have high UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and cover most of the upper body from UV.

Image: NoZone’s Boys UV Swim One-Piece Suit

UV Blocking Casual Clothing For Kids

As we know children are not only exposed to UV during beach time. They are at the sun playing all day long, and playing ball at the back yard or at the park too.

Boys UV blocking shirt
Columbia Boys 8-20 Bahama Long Sleeve Shirt

UPF rated clothes protect the kids where ever they are. The ratings range from 15-50+. 50+ UPF is the highest UV protection level, which means less than 2% of overall UV will penetrate (98%+ blocked).

Casual UV blocking clothes are available for boys and girls, the new designs are cool and colorful, children and parents usually love them.

Image: Columbia Boys 8-20 Bahama Long Sleeve Shirt

Make it a habit for the kids to put a UPF hat, and wear UPF clothes when they play outside. This is important at winter or at cool days, when they are not aware of the solar UV radiation.

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