UPF Clothes For Surfing

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UPF Clothes For Wave & Wind Surfing

Sea Wind Surfing UPF ClothesThe earliest designs for UPF clothes are the bright colorful beach and surf fashions. Surfers who are hours in the sun are at high risk for sun damage side effects. With full body exposure for hours, at mid day and with high reflection from sand and sea, surfers MUST wear UPF clothes for UV protection.

UPF clothes for surfers is like a helmet to bicycle riders. It can be life saving. Being many hours in the sun, applying SPF creams is not enough. SPF can not block or reflect sun rays like UPF clothes can.

If you do surf or water sports activity wear only UPF 50 or 50+ ratings. There is no price difference between these and lower ratings ,and the main benefit is your skin health.

Swim Guards Are Not Enough

Most surfers wear a swimming top which is not UPF protective, and apply some SPF on face and neck. This means their whole upper body is absorbing harmful doses of UV rays every time they are out catching waves.

Applying SPF creams or even full spectrum sun block creams is far from being enough, when surfing. Most of these lotions only partly protect from both UVA & UVB rays. Lotions absorb into skin, so their protection level decreases after 30 minutes.

UPF 50+ Protective Clothes For Surfing

O’Neill Surf Wetsuits Women’s Basic Skins

Surf UPF clothing For Women

  • polyester
  • 5-Ounce polyester/spandex 4 way stretch
  • 50+ U.V. protection
  • Rash protection, Quick dry
  • Flatloc stitched

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O’Neill Surf Wetsuits Basic Skins Rash Tee

Surf UPF clothes

  • polyester
  • 5-Ounce, polyester/spandex 4 way stretch
  • 50+ U.V protection
  • Quick dry, rash protection
  • Flatloc stitched

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