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Hiking & Outdoor UV Protective Clothing

Hiking UV Protection GearMost of us drive a car to work, sit at office most of the day, drive back home and live indoors. We do not need any UV protective clothes for most of our daily activities. But when we go on a vacation, we soon find out that we are under constant UV nearly 12 hours a day.

Hiking is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a vacation Walking in treks with mother nature all around us, fresh air and beautiful scenery. Hiking means being outside under solar radiation for long hours!

Luckily there are some simple guidelines and hiking gear which can make any hiking trip safer for the skin.

UV Levels Can Increase For Hikers

People who go out hiking should know that UV index levels can increase at higher altitudes. UV awareness made this calculation:

Be aware that with every 1000 meters increase in altitude UV radiation levels increase by 10% to 12%!
So, for example, if you managed to hike to the top of Mount Rushmore, the UV levels there could be 15-18% stronger than at sea level, just from the change in altitude alone. And, if you are thinking about climbing to the top of Mount Everest you could be looking at a 100% and greater increase in UV strength!!! Read more..

‘Watch Your Head’ From Direct Sun Light

Hiking and Outdoor UV Protective ClothingCovering your head is very important when walking outside. The most basic item your should own is a UPF rating hat. Getting Sunstroke can kill you withing minutes. Unlike dehydration which means your body is losing fluids, heat stroke means your body temperature rises and inner organs are at a slippery way from total shutdown (death!).

Outdoor Women's UPF 50 Sombrero Hat
Outdoor Women’s UPF 50 Sombrero Hat

Any hat will shade your head, but only UPF hat, will block away hazardous UV radiation too. Head’s skin is white and no melanin needed when hair grows. But UVA can penetrate regular hats. Most UPF hats have a wide brim (like this one) to shade the forehead and face too. Some UPF hats (like this one) have UV cover to protect the back of the neck too, covering exposed skin all the way to the shirt’s collar.

UV Protective Hiking Shirts

Hiking UV T Shirt
Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s ZnO Long Sleeve T-shirt – Sun Protective

Wearing UV protective hiking shirts is important because the sun is always overhead, and the upper body is mostly exposed to UV radiation. Some people hike with backpacks other hike light weight. Hiking UPF shirts need to be able to cover the arms when the sun is pounding. These shirts need to be a little loose and not to tight on the body so walking with backpacks is comfortable.

Unlike regular clothes the shirt’s color has no impact on the UV filtering rate. The fabrics are UV treated, so the dye is irrelevant.

Some prefer wearing the UPF shirts as top apparel over regular clothes. Others prefer (see image) wearing UPF as first layer T shirts and then depending on weather and backpack to add conventional clothings.

Hiking Pants UV Total Protection

Men upf hiking pants for sun protection trips
Columbia Men’s Aruba IV Pant with 32-Inch Inseam

Professional hikers know they will be outside for hours and will do it again next vacation too. Hiking in the nature is a way of life. If you plan a sporadic day trip, you may skip the UPF pants, invest in upper body UV protection.

UPF hiking gear requires to stand in two requirements.

  • To be sturdy for nature walking, rough tracks, trees, water, stretching and rubbing over rocks.
  • To be able to block or reflect as much UV as possible.

Some UPF pants look nice but are not designed for real outdoor. Look for pants which can zip off legs and turn into shorts. Or those who have lightweight fabrics which dry fast, resists wrinkles, and don’t retain odor. And above all have high 50+ UV protection.

For example women’s Royal Robbins Women’s Zip N’ Go UPF Pants or Men’s Columbia Sportswear Aruba IV Pant UPF 50 Pants (see image).


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