UPF Hat vs. UPF Umbrella

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Sun Protection UPF Hat Or UPF Umbrella

Outdoor Women's UPF 50 Sombrero Hat

There are plenty of ways to protect th skin from the harmful sun rays. These rays can damage the skin, in the short and in the long run, and long lasting side effects of UV rays can be deadly.

While most people think wearing regular clothes or hats is enough, it is well known today that these apparel accessories can not block all UV rays.

The best way to block away UV rays is to wear UPF clothes, hats or use UPF rating accessories.

UPF Hats Compared To UPF Umbrellas

UPF UmbrellaAny UPF accessory will do a better job protecting your skin than regular clothes. When comparing UPF hats effectiveness to UPF umbrellas, the main difference is the user friendliness aspect.

UPF Rating Level

Both UPF hats and Umbrellas come in UPF 50 ratings, which is th maximum level of protection you can expect from any sun blocking accessory. So they both can block off or reflect 99% of the incoming harmful rays.

Hats vs Umbrella’s UV Protective Coverage

UV Sun Umbrella for WomenUPF hats usually have a wide rim, so they can cover the head, and the forehead from UV rays. An umbrellas is always wider and can shadow the whole upper body from direct sun light. This means is covers the face, neck and shoulders too. So if you have zero shade, using an UPF umbrella will cover more of your skin than a UPF hat.

Men – Check here a very good UV protective umbrella for you.

Women – Check here for a ladies UV protection umbrella

Hands Free

Holding an umbrella to block Ultraviolet sun rays, require one hand busy at all times. If you plan to work outside then a protective umbrella is out of the question. UPF hat with a wide rim, and a rear coverage (desert style) will cover most of the exposed skin, and leave both hands free.

Hats & Umbrella Designs

While there are numerous UPF hats to chose from, there is less variety of UPF umbrella’s designs and styles. Most of the best selling umbrellas are chrome/silver reflective color, which is very effective, but less stylish for women. Colorful UV protective umbrellas, can be found HERE.

You can find HERE colorful UPF hats, with all sorts of designs, color tones and prints.

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