UPF Clothes After Laser Hair Removal

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Wearing UV Protective Cloth After Laser Hair Removal

UV Protective Cloth For Laser Hair RemovalAfter laser hair removal process it is highly recommended not to expose the skin to direct sun light. Can wearing UPF clothes be a solution for this issue? In this article we will review why such a solution can be a life saver.

Laser Hair Removal and UV Rays

During laser hair removal treatments, the skin is projected with high energy light, which turns into heat when it interacts with dark hair. Most home hair removal systems like the Remington IPL or the Silk’n SensEpil IPL or TRIA laser device, use up to 5-24 joules of light per cm² of skin (per second).

Professional laser hair removal systems use much higher joules energy, up to 150-200 joules of light per cm² of skin (per second). The main effect is that hairs inside the follicle which are darker than the skin, burn and evaporate from the intense zapping heat created.

UPF Clothes Laser Hair RemovalThe main side effect of laser hair removal is that the light energy which does not absorb in the hair, is absorbed by the skin tissue around it. This can cause melanin production to malfunction.

Melanin is the chemical substance in the cells which is in charge of producing color  as in blue eyes, red hair, and skin tanning. Usually when the skin is exposed to UV sun rays, melanin production begins and makes the skin slightly darker – this is tanning. But during a laser hair removal session the skin is exposed to intense light flashes, and melanin production can be disordered.

Laser hair removal are stretched a few weeks apart, and 6-8 treatments usually needed for a full cycle. An average treatment plan takes 2-3 month to complete. During all this time the skin is venerable to harmful UV radiation.

UV Skin Safety After Laser Hair Removal

When doing a laser hair removal at home or at a clinic, the basic safety guideline is NOT to expose the skin to sun light 3 days (72 hours) before and after a treatment. This should reduce the amount of UV ‘stress’ on the melanin cells. Some clinics even recommend a full week away of the sun UV rays after a laser hair removal treatment.

It does not matter at which body area the laser hair removal treatment has been done on. Even if only the legs or underarms have been treated, the whole skin should be covered and protected from UV.

Another recommendation is applying SPF creams all day long on all exposed skin.

UPF Clothes And Sun UV Protection

Most people do not know that regular clothes do not protect from UVA radiation! So applying some SPF cream on face and arms, does not do any good if the 90% of the skin is covered with regular clothes.

Only UPF clothes and apparel can block 99% of the incoming UV rays. So wearing these clothes (UPF 50+ rating) are the best solution for skin protection during laser hair removal sessions.

Using a UPF umbrella or wearing a wide rim UPF hat can be a solution to protect the facial skin from direct UV radiation.

UPF Apparel For Daily UV Protection

It is no secret that most of those who do laser hair removal are women. There are plenty of UPF designs and texture of fabrics, which all have high UPF ratings (50+).

Some women prefer to wear the UPF shirts under their regular daily apparel. Most of the fabrics have a silk touch feeling.

Today many men do laser hair removal too, as part of the grooming and personal appearance. They should wear a UPF protective clothing too. Men have a slighter easier life finding a cool looking UPF shirt.

There are several leading brands (Colombia, Coolibar) with masculine designs for UV high protective shirts for men.

UV Cloth and Laser Treatments – Conclusion

Without UV protection, the person is at higher risk of long lasting skin damage and at a higher risk for sin discoloration side effects like hyper-pigmentation, which are dark skin spots that appear on the skin after laser hair removal.


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