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UV Blocking Umbrellas

Some call them ‘sunbrella’ because they are used to filter sun rays and not rain. No matter how you call these UV protective umbrellas, they are a very smart solution with many pros for preventing and decreasing UV exposure.

UV Protective Umbrellas

The main advantage of UV umbrellas is that they create a larger area of UV free shade for upper body. No UV hat can be as wide as an umbrella canopy. This means that not only the forehead and face are shaded, but also the neck, the shoulders and even the arms.

Another advantage for these types of ultraviolet umbrellas is that the dark shade creates a cooler area underneath them. They fold into lightweight umbrella size, easy to carry item, so they can be used only when needed.

There are two main types of Sun-Umbrellas, the titanium-silver types which are unisex, and can be used by men and women alike. Some call them ‘travel UV umbrellas’. The second type is the women’s UV protective umbrellas, which are delicate looking, elegant, stylish and fashionable.

Look for UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 30-50.

Click on image to see more colors and designs:

Above – Women umbrellas. Below – Unisex UV umbrellas.

Sun UPF umbrella women UV
Petty Cabin Anti-UV Sun Umbrella UV Protected Parasol
Sun umbrella UPF for UV protection
Silver 62-Inch Arc Manual Open vented Golf Umbrella with UPF 50+ Sun Protection
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