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UPF Sleeve Accessory

Many athletes who need sun protection for their long hour activities in the sun will find the UPF sleeve a real life saver. Athletes like marathon runners, triathlon runners, golfers, cyclists and others spend hours in the sun. While most of the body is covered, the arms are not.

Runners who train for hours running, usually wear short sleeve clothes. In such case their arms may be exposed for direct sun light. While hikers fishers and those doing other outdoor activities can wear long sleeve UPF shirts, runners have no other UV protection option.

The UPF sleeve is a perfect accessory which provides both UV protection and a cooling garment for the arms.

What Do Sun Sleeve Protect From?

UPF sleeves protect the skin from UVA & UVB radiation. Most of us may think UV radiation is there only when direct sun light and tanning is involved. But thats is only the short UVB rays effects.  

The long ray waves – UVA are much more dangerous and even though they do not cause sun burns. UVA penetrates deeper into lower skin layers and has a high relevance to skin aging and skin cancer.

Top Sun UV Protection Sleeves

Eclipse Sun Sleeves For All Sports

Sun Sleeve UPF Sleevs

  • UPF 50+ Full Arm & Hand Sun Protection
  • Ambidextrous, Unisex, Durable
  • 87% Cocona, 13% Spandex
  • Coconut Fiber Technology
  • Contrasting Stitching

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Pearl Izumi Men’s Sun Sleeves For Runners

Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeve

Black colorway features ELITE Transfer fabric with In–R–Cool® technology to provide optimal cooling and sun protection by reflecting UV rays.

In–R–Cool® technology to provide optimal skin–cooling effect and moisture management when you perspire UPF 40+ Sun Protection.

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