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UV Protection Hats

Wearing UPF hats is extremely important! The head is the body part which is most exposed to the sun, for long hours. No matter if you hike, jog or work in the sun, your body is probably covered while your head is not! The endless hours in the sun can be very dangerous and may have a great impact on the condition of the skin.

Sun rays can cause skin aging, wrinkles and sun spots. The face skin is usually delicate and more sensitive than other areas, thus the effect of the UV rays is much higher. Children should wear UPF hats too when playing outside, as they usually are less aware of being in the sun. Check here for children’s UPF clothing and hats.

There are many styles and designs for UPF hats. Men’s UV hats are more standard, sport like fashion. Women have many styles and designs, for everyday or sports.

You can find UV protective hat categories below.

Men & Women UPF Hats

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Men's UPF 50 Sun Protective Hat
Men’s UPF 50 Sun Protective Hat
Outdoor Women's UPF 50 Sombrero Hat
Outdoor Women’s UPF 50 Sombrero Hat
Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Sun Shade Visor
Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Shade Visor
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