Top 5 Mistakes While Exposing Skin To The Sun

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5 Mistakes People Do In The Sun

Sun Tanning RisksBeing in the sun may be fun, but it can be hazardous too. Here are top 5 mistakes people do when going outside exposing the skin to the UV rays.

#1 – Exposing Children To Direct Sun Light

The soft and fragile skin, children has, is not yet able to protect them from the harmful UV rays. Children with fair skin have low melanin in the skin cells. Their skin can not absorb the direct sun light as adult’s skin can. Most of th skin damage is caused in the early ages, but erupts later on in life. Make sure your children have a UPF swimsuits, to cover their skin when at the sea or pool.

#2 – Being Outside Between 10:00-14:00

During the noon hours, the sun rays angle are at their most intense position. This means that during these hours you are more likely to get sun burned. During the noon hours wear a UPF hat and long sleeve UPF clothes. If you go to the pool or sea do it either early until 09:00 or after 15:00.

#3 -Applying SPF Creams As Sole Protection

SPF creams can filter some of the UV rays. Most of the regular SPF creams can filter the short UVB rays, but can not block the UVA rays. SPF creams absorb in to the skin and their protection level is very poor for long terms. Either use Full Spectrum sun block creams (which bloc UVA & UVB) or wear UPF clothes for best protection.

#4 – Sitting In The Shade & Feeling Safe

Many people who are aware of the sun UV damages prefer to sit in the shade. What most of them might not know, is that UVA rays, which are known for their cancerous effects, are reflected and can be harmful even when sitting in the shade. UVA rays can penetrate glass and clouds, so being in the shade is not a solution. Wearing sun protective clothes is a solution.

#5 – Putting Faith in Regular Clothes For Sun Protection

People who go to the pool or beach feel they are protected if they keep their shirt on. They sit for hours in the sun, but feel they are risk free because they are not getting sun burned while wearing regular clothes. What most people do not know is that harmful UVA rays penetrate easily shirts and fabrics. So wearing a regular shirt is actually like not wearing shirt at all. Only UPF clothes can block or reflect the harmful UVA & UVB for hours in all weather.

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