Tips Keeping Children Safe from Sun’s UV

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How To Keep Children Safe from UV

Children’s skin is more vulnerable than adults when it comes to UV dangers and risks. There are a few simple tips to follow to keep children safe from sun’s UV rays. Children love to be outside, whether it is at the sea or beside the pool, or even when they play at the back yard.

Without even noticing they are hours every week under the sun’s baking rays. Most parents do not know but the threats from UV radiation are high at cloudy days as they are at sunny days.

Be Under UV Protective Shade

The short UVB are the rays which cause tanning. When over exposed the skin can get sun burns too. These rays are intense at the middle of the day. It is recommended to find other activities for children between 10:00-16:00. Any indoor activity will reduce the chance for skin burns and reduce the overall radiation their delicate skin absorbs.

If the family is outside, then seek UV shades, like a tree or beach shade umbrella. There are special UV shade tents, which can block up to 99% of the UV rays.

Dress Them With UV Protective Clothes

Keeping children safe when they are outside, can be exhausting. But you do not need to rush after them reminding them to be in the shade. There are special UV protective clothings, which serve up to 99% reduction of UV radiation by blocking UV. These clothes called UPF clothing, have a rating from 15-50, UPF 50 means the children are protected from UV by the highest level available.

UV Protection Accessories For Children

Adding some UV protective accessories like a UV hat or UV blanket can seal the cracks for UV radiation reaching your children. UV hats have a wide rim and usually have add-ons which cover the back of the head and neck. UV sunglasses are important to reduce the UV which hurts their eyes. People worry about sun burns while UV can cause eye problems like cataract which evolve later in life.

broad spectrum uva uvb sun screen protectionAnd of course – wear sunscreen!!

Make sure it’s broad spectrum UVA & UVB filtering.

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