Tips About UV Protective Swimwear For Women

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Swimwear For Women With UV Protection

UV protective swimming suits for womenSwimwear for women with UV protection, can be fashionable and ‘Schick’ too. Being sun smart at the pool or at the sea is very important for women, to stay away from the direct sun radiation which have long lasting side effects on the skin.

Being exposed to too much UV rays many mean to sacrifice the health and the good looks of the skin. UV radiation can cause age spots, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders and skin diseases such like Melanoma skin cancer.

The skin has it’s own memory, it can take over 10 – 20 years to develop skin cancer. The damage done today will erupt in a few years, when the damage has taken it’s toll. That is why it is smart to be alert to the sun dangers, and be outside with UV protective swimwear.

Swimming Under UVA and UVB

Swimming or lying being beside a swimming pool does not mean you have to bake your body under UV light. Here are some tips regarding sun safety beside the pool.

  • Be in the shade when you can.
  • Expose the skin to sun in the morning & afternoon. Not In midday.
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim and put on UV protective sunglasses.
  • Wear UPF garments and pool dress when you are not in the water.
  • Apply broad spectrum sunscreen lotions blocking UVA & UVB.

Regular swimming suits do not have any UV protection. This means that under the summer solar radiation, the body is exposed to over doses of UVA and UVB which have both drastic side effects on the skin.

Women’s swimming suits need to be:

  1. Suitable for both salt or chlorine water – pool or sea.
  2. Comfortable with four way stretching.
  3. Fast drying fabrics.
  4. UPF rating of 50 for maximum level of protection.

Here are several ideas for women’s swimwear with sun UV protection.

Women's Comfort Fit Rash Guard Surf Swim ShirtSwimming Rash-guards – These look like a surfer’s T shirts, they have usually a turtle neck which have more coverage and UV protection for the neck. Women’s designs have a nice fit to them and they can be worn over a bikini, so the overall look is sexy and sports oriented. If you like this style of women’s swimwear you can find some discounts here.

Women's Swimming Water Jacket - UV Sun ProtectionShort Sleeve Water Jacket– These jackets are poolside fashion, which allows women to look athletic yet unexposed to the sun. The jackets have a full front zipper, and they are shape-preserving so the feminine figure does not get lost under the UV armor. With all the features of high UPF, four way stretching, fast drying fabrics the water jackets are perfect for the active women. Here is Coolibar water jacket low price on Amazon.

women swimwear UV protection Women’s UV Swim Suit – There are many full body swimming suits but most of them do not have any UV protection level. Check out for the 50+ UPF rating, durable chlorine resistant fabrics, with thick straps for a secure and comfortable fit. For better skin protection these swimsuits have a high back for added coverage. Check here for more colors and prints.

UV Protective Swimwear For Women – Conclusion

It is smart to stay away from the sun even when having a great time at the beach resort or beside the pool at home. Women need to be aware that the UV light is harmful and can cause skin damage in the long run. Wearing a UV protective swimming clothes or a pool wrap with UV protection can decrease the skin’s exposure to UV radiation.


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