The Australian Government Tips To Avoid Skin Cancer

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Australian Tips For Sun Exposure Awareness

Skin Cancer Prevention TipsThe Australian continent is at the side of earth which has the thin ozone layer. The absence of this layer which absorbs most of the sun UV radiation cause the rise in skin cancer to be a real danger to the people of Australia.

In order to decrease the huge numbers of people who develop skin cancer diseases, the Australian Government issued a number of guidelines in a factsheet to follow. These tips can help anyone in Australia, USA or anywhere in the world lower the amounts of UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) their skin is exposed to.

How can you protect yourself from UV radiation?

  • Avoid going outdoors in the middle of the day (10am to 2pm) when the sun is highest (11am to 3pm during daylight saving). This practice can dramatically reduce your UVR exposure.
  • When outdoors, choose shaded areas where you cannot directly see the sun or the open sky.
  • Wear well designed clothing that covers the arms, legs and neck as well as the body and offers good sun protection.
  • Wear a broad-brimmed hat which shades the face, ears and back of the neck.
  • Wear wraparound sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen to the face and all areas of the body that are not covered by clothing. Reapply ample sunscreen every two hours and after swimming or activities that cause heavy perspiration, as sunscreens can wear off. Sunscreen should not be used to extend the time you spend in the sun.

Young children do not understand the dangers of UVR. Be a role model so they learn good sun sense and protect them with shade, suitable clothing, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Well designed sun protective clothing is available in children’s sizes. Read more..

Sun Protective Clothing Can Save Lives

Most of the day our skin is covered by regular clothing. This means that most of the time our skin is vulnerable to the harmful UV radiation. Only sun protective clothing can block away the UV radiation while we work and leisure.

What is UPF Rating?

UPF rating means Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This is the level of protection a fabric has been found to block UV radiation. The Australian factsheet adds more on UPF solutions:

What affects the UPF rating of a fabric?

  • Different fabrics such as cotton or polyester have different UVR absorbing properties.
  • Less UVR passes through tightly woven or knitted fabrics than loosely woven or knitted fabrics.
  • Darker colours usually block more UVR than lighter colours.
  • Heavier weight fabrics usually block more UVR than light weight fabrics of the same type.
  • Garments that are overstretched, wet or worn out may have reduced UVR protection. Follow the care instructions attached to the garment.

Remember that the UPF rating is for the material only and does not address the design of the product. Garments can only protect the areas of skin that are covered by the material.

Where To Buy UPF Clothing?

Preventing UV Sun Damage There are boutique online stores which sell UPF rating clothings. But you do not have to shop at tiny online stores and give them your credit card details, luckily Amazon has a new section for UPF clothing for men, women and children.

At Amazon you can find the leading brands like Coolibar or Colombia and a dozen of smaller UPF manufacturers. Our recommendation would be to stick to the main brands Colombia UPF or Coolibar UPF shirts , as some research sites have found that some items from the smaller brands actually failed in UV tests.

It is advised to purchase clothing which have a rating of 40-50 UPF. Lower UPF rating (15-20) block sun radiation too, but if you invest in long lasting UV skin protection clothing, why not go for the best.

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