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Bike Riders Getting Protected From UV

cycling-UV sun protection clothesThere are many types of athletes which need to wear UV sun protection gear. There is no doubt bike riders are near the top of the list. Bike riders train for hours, always outside (there are rare indoor bike training facilities). Their whole body is exposed to the sun, the wind and sweat may have a cooling effect, but just the same they are absorbing large amount of UV sun radiation in each and every ride.

Many cyclists don’t know, but there is UV around us all the time, even on cloudy days. The sun sends its harmful rays from sunrise to sun set. The rays are divided into two main types, short rays and long rays.

The short rays reach earth at higher intensity during summer, when the earth tilt is closer to the sun. These rays are called UVB and they are the sun tanning rays. When exposed to UVB the bike rider will get the tanned lines on their legs and upper arms at the sleeve line. This type of UV is easy to block, any kind of shirt or cycling tights can prevent the sun tanning/burns.

Getting Protected From UVA Rays

cycling-uv sun cancer protectionThe other type of rays are the long UVA rays. They reach earth along with visible sun light, from summer to winter and from morning to evening. The UVA has ability to penetrate into deeper skin layers, where it causes most of the damage and long term side effects. The UVA causes the skin wrinkles, skin aging, sun spots and cancer.

UVA can penetrate through clouds and through many fabrics. When a cyclist is going on a long ride wearing a sports shirt or Dry-Fit clothes they are actually exposed to permanent UVA radiation.

Getting Upgraded Protection From Cancerous Rays

The best solution for bike riders who train outside and do road riding is to ride at hours when the sun is less intense. Early morning and late at evening the UVA level is lower. Night training is best but can be extremely dangerous for cyclists, too many road accidents have occurred when there are low visibility conditions.

Regular Dry Fit shirts are nearly transparent when it comes to UVA penetrations. They are designed to wick off sweat, and be well ventilated. UVA goes through them like a hot knife through butter.

The more sensible solution is to wear UV protective clothes. Originally they were developed in Australia when surfers were getting skin cancer in higher percentage than overall population. These special fabrics are designed to block UVA and UVB.

Bike riders upf knickers uv protection from the sun
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The UV protective clothes for bike riders have a special rating called UPF which stands for ‘Ultraviolet Protection Factor‘. The highest protection factor is marked as UPF 50 or +50. For maximum protection it is recommended to get the highest UV screening level you can.

For men – You can get these Men’s Cool Dry Cycling Knickers 3/4 Tights UPF 50+ (see image)

There are different brands and designs, it does not really matter which one you pick. You just have to get decent solar radiation protection when you ride.

Bike rider women uv sun blocking clothes
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There are designs for women and for men. They have a reflective color to help the cyclist to stand out and be seen by the drivers.

Click here to get women’s short sleeve UV blocking shirt (see image),

or MEN short sleeve cycling shirt with 50 UPF UV sun blocking features.

For shirts you can choose from the long sleeve shirts which are more popular at winter and the short sleeve shirts for summer.

Bike rider cyclists Sports UV Protection
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Many cyclists add an arm protection accessory which are the UV sleeves. These cover all the way from the back of the hand up above the elbows. So the bike rider gets extra protection for those stretched arms baking in the sun.

You can get your UV sleeves here.


Covering the back, arms and legs, together with UV sun glasses, will keep you safe from long term cancer risks.

Don’t forget the helmet… have a great ride!



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