Sun Exposure – Strike Back With Skin Aging

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Beware Of Sun’s UV Skin Revenge

Being tanned is fun and looks good. Many people expose their skin to in the sun to get a nice dark skin tone. Some may even apply an SPF cream and thing their are protected. But the truth is that the skin has it’s memory.. And after hours of skin exposure, the skin will revenge.

Sun Damage And Skin Aging

Sooner or later, the sun UV damage will erupt. This usually happens on mature skin, where the massive damage effects surface up. Mature men and woman 40-50 wake up one morning to see, wrinkles, skin spots, discoloration and lose of skin shine and elastics.

Here is a short clip in which you can learn from a dermatologiest about skin aging.

Can You Prevent Skin Aging?

Yes. Prevention is actually the best way to maintain a healthy shining skin at mature age. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you keep the sun exposure as low as possible.

  1. UVA UVB CreamLearn about UVA & UVB difference – Most people protect the skin from UVB (short rays), which cause tanning, by applying SPF creams. Research have found that UVA (Longer rays) are causing most of skin cancer and long lasting damages. For UVA you need sun lock creams which are called Broad Spectrum Sun Creams.
  2. Wear UPF hat or use UPF umbrella – While most of us re covered with clothes, our face and neck are always exposed to direct sun light. Wearing a UPF hat or UPF umbrella protects the skin from UVA/UVB light.
  3. UPF clothes for womenWear UPF Clothes – Most of the regular fabrics we wear, do not block or reflect UV rays. This means that large percentage of our skin is absorbing UV light when we walk, sit or drive in the sun. Wearing UPF clothes, reduces the UV radiation reaching the skin to less than 2% compared to regular clothes. Look for UPF 50+ or UPF 50 ratings, this is the highest rating for UV protective clothes. You can find some premium UPF clothing at a low cost HERE.
  4. Walk, Sit, Eat in the Shade РMost of the direct sun light is damaging the upper skin layers. Being in the sun causes excessive melanin production, when melanin production is affected, skin discoloration Рhyper-pigmentation (dark spots appear).
  5. UPF Clothing Anti AgingKeep Youth/Children Away From The Sun – Some research found that most of the sun damage is due to early age sun exposure. If it might be too late for us adults, we may be more careful for our children. Babies and young kids skin is more sensitive, thin and has less melanin production. this means the sun rays penetrate deeper into lower skin layers and cause more radiation damage there. Babies and children need UPF swimming suits and UPF rash-guards. These UPF toddlers swimming suits will lower the UV absorption by 98%.

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