Stunning Poolside Clothes With UV Protection

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How To Be Stunning By The Poolside Yet Protected From UV

During summer being at the pool side is a perfect time to show off your fit, smooth body. But being exposed to the sun is the last thing you probably need. Sun exposure during summer, means your skin is loaded by UV radiation. Some tanning is nice for a healthy look, but with it comes UVA radiation which penetrates the skin and cause irreversible damage!

UV radiation is the main cause for skin aging, premature wrinkles, skin flopping, sun spots, dark spots, pigmentation and also.. cancer. So being by the pool side either at home or in vacation, is not a good excuse to get all these terrible things.

Even if you dip in the pool in a bikini, but when you are outside you are protected, you are minimizing your long term side UV effects. But most women have poolside clothes which do not block UV so being covered or not does not matter, the UV penetrates most fabrics anyway. So while the girl next to you which has a pool wrap thinks she is lowering her chance for skin aging and cancer, the truth is that she is not. Cotton clothes can filter 10%-20% of UVA radiation, all the rest will reach the skin and be absorbed by the cells.

Covered and Protected at the Beach or Pool

Beach wear cover for womenYou need to wear poolside clothes and beach wraps which are made from special fabrics that can filter and block up to 99% of all UV! These clothes are known as UPF clothes.

The first sun blocking clothes and fabrics have been made 30 years ago for Australasian surfers which where dieing like flies from skin cancer. They were in the sun in the sea, with their skin exposed to harmful UV, and their skin cancer percentage was proportional to the rest of the population.

Today, the technology is so advanced UPF clothes look like regular clothes and you will not be able to tell the difference in any sort of way.

Click here and order your poolside UV protective hoodie. You can not afford the side effects of UV exposure.

When you are at the pool side or planning a fun day at the beach, you need to take a UV protective wrap or hoodie with you. You will be cool. you will be UV protected. You will look stunning thanks to the unique designs.

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