Stuff They DON”T Tell You About SPF Creams

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SPF Creams Give You ‘Fake’ UV Protection

We all learned to look for the SPF label when we buy a sun lotion or even a make up cream. Many manufacturers know this and add some SPF protection factor into their cosmetics blends. You can even find SPF shampoo promising better sun protection..

The truth is that SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a vague solution for the real UV threats and dangers. Relaying on SPF factor for your anti-aging is a very weak strategy.. Learn in this post why.

SPF Protects ONLY From Short UV Rays

The sun sends two kinds of UV rays to earth. UVA and UVB there are actually UVC rays too, but they do not reach earth. Each of these two kinds of wavelength have different types of side effects on the skin.

UVB – Cause tanning and skin burns. These rays are partly blocked by the Ozone layer, and some of them reach earth. UVB levels are higher in the summer and at midday. UVB can be blocked by SPF sun screening creams.

UVA – They are the long wave ultra violet rays. They are at a constant level all year and throughout the day. UVA can penetrate clouds, fabrics and glass. UVA can reach deeper skin layers and cause discoloring side effects, aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. SPF creams DO NOT block UVA and have no protective effect on UVA.

Anti Aging Means Fighting UVA

The long term side effects of UVA are skin aging, wrinkles, sunspots and skin cancer. SPF does not affect the UVA since the ingredients are not made to reflect or absorb UVA.

Most women use SPF creams during summer. Some will apply sun lotions others will rely on the SPF in their makeup or powder or body lotion. Non of these will actually decrease the amount of UVA the skin absorbs.

Upgrade Your UV Anti Aging Protection

broad spectrum uva uvb sun screen protectionThe first thing to do is to forget about SPF labeled products. For real UV protection you must seek ‘broad spectrum’ creams. These creams are new sun block creams and are the only ones that can block UVA & UVB.

Make it a new habit to use broad spectrum creams during winter as well. UVA levels are the same at winter as they are at the beaches of Florida at August.

The second thing is to wear a constant UVA protection clothes when outside. Applying broad spectrum cream over the face and neck, will not prevent of UVA penetrating easily through your clothes. 99% of your body is still exposed even if you put sun block cream on face.

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothes were designed for this matter. To serve UV protection to those wearing them. The UPF rates range from 15 till 50. The 50+ rating is max protection level.

SPF Creams and UVA protectionThere are plenty of designs, colors and brands for UPF clothes. The popular brands are Coolibar and Columbia, and they can both found at Amazon.

Having a few items of shirts and pants will reduce the amount of UV the skin has to absorb when under the sun. Remember a 3 hour walk at New York during winter and a 3 hour walk at July at Venice Beach California have the same UVA threats for the skin.

Check here Amazon’s latest offers for UPF clothing.

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