Spring Time UV Radiation Risks & Solutions

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Hazardous Spring Time Sun Radiation

Spring Sun UV Awareness DangersWe are all happy that spring is arriving, flowers are blooming and Easter eggs are here. But with all the weather changing, we must remember that the winter sun is turning to summer sun, and the UV radiation hazards with it.

During the winter the UVB radiation is rather low. The short UV rays (UVB) are not reaching the face of our planet, as they are too short. Thanks to the tilt of earth, we do not feel their mighty presence.

When spring arrives, the weather gets warmer. This means that the earth rotation tilt is now beginning to “lean” toward the sun. The short UVB rays are getting stronger each month, until they reach their peak at June.

The main problem during the spring time season, is that the weather is pleasant, the sun is “cool” and there are many cloudy/sunny days, which are not as warm as they would be during summer.

After the cold dark winter season, absorbing sunlight is pleasant, and the warmth of the sun is welcome. This weather cause many parents to think that the UV is low, and there is less danger from the sun rays.

But the danger is that the UVB is getting more intense, and those with white/pale skin have less melanin production after winter, and their skin cells are more vulnerable to UV radiation. The skin may get it’s natural tan during the next coming month, but until it does, the UVB rays are more harmful to the upper layer tissue.

Short UVB Vs Long UVA During Spring

While UVB radiation deceases during winter, and begin raising at spring. The long rays from the sun, known as UVA are at the same level all year round. The longer rays have no problem to reach earth at any season, they are ultraviolet sun light which is very close to visible light. If we have sun light we have UVA light as well.

UVA has better ability to penetrate clouds, glass and fabrics.

During winter we are most of the time covered with heavy clothes (which keep us warm) and they block most of the UVA. But at spring, the weather gets warmer, and we lose our coats and heavy clothing to shirts and lighter fabrics.

Skin Protection During Spring Season

Very few people think about using SPF creams and sun block lotions during spring. This leaves their skin twice vulnerable.

First because of UVB getting stronger and reaching their winter pale skin. The second reason is the light spring clothes which replace the winter layers, exposing the skin to hours of UVA light reaching through the fabrics.

Seasonal UPF Clothing Layers

UPF Spring Sun Protective WearThe first step to better skin protection is awareness. Being aware that spring has it’s own hazards when it comes to skin UV safety, which is one of the precautions needed to reduce chance of skin cancer Melanoma.

Wearing UPF clothes as upper layer is one of the ways to reduce dramatically the spring UV dangers. UPF clothing can filter most (up to 99%) of UVA and UVB.

Though people wear these clothes mainly at summer when they are aware of the risk, it is even more wise to begin wearing them at the beginning of spring. As the winter fades away, and the days become longer, and the weather seems nice – THAT’S the time to wear the UPF sun protective clothing.

UV Wraps for women: Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Protective Wrap

Men buttoned UV shirts: Columbia Sportswear Long Sleeve UV Shirt

The recommended types of UPF clothes are those you can wear over other clothes in layers. For example wraps for women and buttoned shirts for men.

The most important thing is awareness! Being aware that there are UV risks during spring also, and not only summer.


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