Solarium Tanning Can Boost Risk of Melanoma by 59%

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Solarium Tanning And Melanoma Risk

Tanning the skin with a Solarium Booth is not like tanning the skin under the sun. Though both are unhealthy, tanning at a solarium can be twice as deadly in the long run!

Tanning is a natural way of the skin to try and protect it self from excessive amount of light which is absorbed by the skin cells. When the skin gets darker, it is allowing less light to reach lower skin levels.

A pale person who gets tanned is not like a dark skin person. The natural skin melanin production is at over drive! Darker skin tones (brown or black) rarely get sun burned even when exposed to direct sun light for hours.

The UV light which is emitted during a tanning booth session, are six times higher than tanning under natural sun light. UV at a tanning bed is more intense than midday UV radiation.

Some studies refer to the risk that people using solarium beds for tanning before the age of 35, raise their risk of melanoma (deadly skin cancer) by 87%. Cancer Council Victoria in Australia has began to ban solarium to reduce the enormous cancer rates which are associated with the usage of these tanning beds salons:

“It has been estimated that each year in Australia, 281 new melanoma cases, 43 melanoma-related deaths, and 2,572 new cases of squamous cell carcinoma are attributable to solarium use. read more..

Clothing To Reduce Skin Exposure To UV

There is no way we can express the call for you NOT to use tanning beds. Excessive UV light can attribute to developing skin cancer no matter if it was a tanning bed or the sun which produced the UV light. UV light is the number one cause for early skin aging, wrinkles and skin spots.

There is only one way effective to reduce the amount of UV your skin is exposed to on a daily basis and that is to wear UV blocking clothes. These special clothes can filter off nearly 98% of all UV radiation. Wearing these clothes which cover most of the body is the most effective way to be protected.

Check here some advanced UPF clothing which can protect you from UV:

Don’t forget to apply sun filter creams, planning your schedule to be away from the sun at noon, wearing a hat and sunglasses as additional protection measures.

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