Skin Hazards At Cloudy Days

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UVA Radiation Risks at Cloudy Days

Most people feel that on cloudy days their skin is not affected by sun rays. We are used to judge the sun risks by the amount of sun bright light we see. But the most harmful sun rays can penetrate clouds and still pose risk to your skin.

No Tanning Rays at Cloudy Days

UPF clothes at cloudy days
UVA & UVB Reaching Earth From The Sun

The sun sends to earth two kinds of rays, UVA and UVB.

Sun tanning is done by UVB. Sun burns are caused by UVB too. So most people think when there is no direct sun light there is no threat or risk to their skin.

During winter month when the earth tilt is away from the sun, there are less UVB rays reaching earth. During summer month the UVB radiation is more intense.

During summer month at cloudy days, there is no threat from UVB rays because these rays cannot penetrate clouds. But UVA radiation is at the same level all year.

UVA – Ultra Violet Radiation

The UVA rays are long wavelength rays which the sun sends to earth. During day time, the earth surface always absorbs large quantities of UVA rays. Unlike the short UVB, long rays can penetrate many kinds of surface layers, including clouds.

UVA can penetrate most of the fabrics, like cotton or wool. This means that during cloudy days, unless wearing proper protective clothes, the skin absorbs UVA radiation.

UVA radiation penetrates deeper down skin layers. If UVB the short wavelength radiation cause upper skin changes, UVA cause deep skin tissue changes. Nowadays researchers believe UVA has more long term affects on the skin than was believed.

Stay Safe Even at Cloudy Days

When going outside during cloudy days, one might want to protect skin whit broad spectrum protective creams. These unlike regular SPF creams protect the skin from UVA rays too.

But covering some of the facial and neck skin, does not mean all the rest of the body is protected from UVA. Most of the clothes we wear are easily penetrated by UVA radiation. The only solution is covering skin with UPF clothings or using UPF umbrella.

UPF clothes are checked to see how much UVA they can block. For your best protection, you should be looking for high UPF rating (40-50). These clothes (see image) can block up to 99% of the incoming rays.

Wearing such clothes at cloudy days will protect the skin from UVA rays, which is as intense under the cloud as standing at the sea shore.


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