Skin Cancer & UV Exposure While Driving

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Skin Cancer Cases On Left Side Of Drivers

UV Sun Exposure For DriversRegular doses of sun exposure is super dangerous to those driving cars. Recent studies proved that MORE skin cancer cases have been found on LEFT side of patients. Further more it is more common for men to develop skin cancer on their left side of the body, head, neck, left arm and leg.

UV exposure is known to be cumulative. You do not have to be four hours at the beach to be in the risk group for skin cancer, a daily dose of one hour sitting in the traffic jam day after day all summer, can add up to a greater risk factor.

UV type A penetrates through glass, windshield and side windows. Most of us driving notice our left arm and left side of neck and face are constantly exposed to direct sun light.

Most of the car windows do not filter UVA so the radiation passes fully to our skin. The air conditioning in the car may cool our skin and make us less aware of the blazing UV rays reaching into our car.

Drivers Get Six Times More UV On Left Side

It has been found that in the US, where most of the people drive a car, the left side of the body gets six times more UV radiation than the right side. This is more often observed in men and women under age of 50. Over the age of 50 there are more case of skin cancer detected on the right side of women, which can be explained that older women spend more time as passengers and receive their UV exposure on the right hand side of their body.

How To Protect Your Self From UV While Driving

There are several solutions which can drastically reduce the amount of UV you get while driving. Remember sun hazards are not like a car accident they add up slowly slowly day after day.. Killing you softly.. quietly.  Just like car accidents they are one of the most lethal diseases from all skin cancers!

Cover Car Windows With UV Protection Film – There are many places who will be able to cover your side windows with darkened glass which filters UV. This may be quite costly, but dark windows keep your skin protected and car cooler. You can even do it yourself by buying special window UV protection film which are not expensive and add protection yourself. Or you can buy Cling Sun Shades (2 in pack) which can be attached & removed easily.

Keep UV Lotion In The Car – Keeping a broad spectrum UV protection lotion in the car can be useful at all times, especially for face and neck and palms which are rarely covered by anything else. Most SPF creams do not filter UVA, and the only UV penetrating your car windows is UVA… So make sure to purchase ONLY lotions which have UVA & UVB protection!

Drivers UV protection UV sleevesLong Sleeve Driving Gloves For Arms Protection – For those living in super sunny states, where the sun is blazing nearly all year, and every one wears short sleeve shirts. The left arm is nearly 100% exposed to direct sun light!

It is recommended for MEN to keep in the car long sleeve driving gloves, which filter UV. These where originally designed for athletes who train hours in the sun.

Gloves are important for women who do not want early aging and wrinkles on the back of their hands. Some UV gloves for women are very feminine and sexy.

Wear Sun Glasses With UV Coating – UVA and sun reflection cause most of the drivers to wrinkle their face at peak hours. Wearing a UV coated reflection sun glasses can reduce eyes UV exposure, and reduce eye related diseases.

Wearing UV-blocking Clothes – Is a very smart way to be protected by nearly 99% from all UV all the time. Wearing UV blocking pants and UV blocking shirts to work, shopping or the office, is the best way to keep UV radiation away from the skin. These clothes have their unique UV filter rating, which is called UPF.

UV Protection For Women DriversFor maximum protection look for “UPF 50” apparel which is the highest UV filtering level possible for clothes. For those living in the most sunny states, do not settle for clothes which offer UPF rating lower than 30.

The best part with UPF clothes is that you need only one layer and not to change your whole wardrobe. Many women purchase the UV protective warp, which has 50+ protection and long sleeves for maximum coverage. Men mostly shop for the UPF 50 long sleeve comfy shirts which can be worn under any shirt, thus protecting the body even under a buttoned shirt and tie.

UV Protection In The Car Conclusion

Being protected while driving is not only wearing a seat belt, it is also being protected from sun UV radiation, which is the number one type of cancer in the US. Use one of the solutions above to reduce your daily sun exposure, especially if you are a driver and gets left side sun baked.


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