Skin Cancer Risks & Solutions For Senior People

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Skin Cancer At Senior Age

UV Risks For SeniorsThis post is going to review an aspect less in focus about skin cancer risks and danger. It is more common to put emphasis on sun awareness at early ages, but less is spoken of the risks and dangers of UV at senior age.

While finding tips and guidelines for UV protection for children was quite easy, information for elderly people is somewhat less discussed. Here are troubling facts regarding skin cancer and seniors in the U.S. quote from Comfort Keepers:

Skin cancer among seniors is a serious matter. In fact, research indicates that over 50% of deaths associated with skin cancer occur in people over the age of 65. Perhaps this is because some older adults, unaware of the sun’s continuous damaging rays, think the danger of skin cancer is not as high as they age. But it is critical that seniors protect their skin from the sun as aging skin loses its ability to protect itself. Read more..

The risks to develop Melanoma rises with the age, the sun exposure adds up, the immune system gets weaker. More people at senior age get diagnosed for melanoma than other types of cancer.

Melanoma is most common in men over the age of 50 (more common than colon, prostate, and lung cancer). It is also one of the most common cancers in people under the age of 30. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults 25 to 29 years old and the second most common cancer in adolescents and young adults 15 to 29 years old. See more..

Reduce Seniors Risk For Melanoma

The guidelines for reducing the risk for melanoma and other skin cancer related to exposure to UV are similar to the general population. Keeping these guidelines and living by these rules may decrease the chances, and scheduled self checks can increase the chance to early detection.

Plan your day – Planning your day to avoid the noon hours and sun exposure is one of the most important tips to follow. As a senior you have more freedom when to do the shopping, where to walk and when to be outside. Stay away from direct sun light at the peak hours between 10:00-14:00.

Wear UV protective clothing – Wearing UV protective clothing, is the best thing you you can do for yourself. These UV clothes are designed to block up to 99% of all UV radiation. With them you can be in the sun without the increased UV radiation absorbing in your skin. UPF clothing (Ultra-Violet Protection Factor) is the factor used to measure protection level in clothes, similar to SPF in cosmetics and creams. Look for high UPF factor of 30-50. For max protection buy UPF 50+ ratings which is the highest level possible.

Wear UV accessories – UV glasses and UV hats, can reduce the amount of UV your body gets when walking or driving in the sun. Wearing UV gloves can reduce the UV absorbed by the hands when walking or driving. These UV protective accessories can lower the amount of UV and cover more skin area which is regularly uncovered.

Here are examples for high rated UPF clothings, for seniors. The designs are comfortable, the T shirts can worn under casual clothes, the UV wrap can be used over regular clothes. So there is no need to change the whole wardrobe, just to be protected.

Sun Protective UPF 50+ Men’s Long Sleeve

Sun protective clothing for elderly

  • Sun Protective ZnO SUNTECT Cotton
  • Pull On closure
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Unique cotton, spandex blend
  • Super soft against the skin, lightweight, cool and comfortable

Click Here to see more colors – UPF 50+ UV T-shirt

UV – UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Protective Wrap

UPF protective wrap for women

  • Pull On closure
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Soft, lightweight, breathable with a stylish shawl collar
  • Packable design; great for travel
  • Highly breathable, cotton/spandex blend
  • Easy care: machine wash and dry, 29″ body length

Click to see more colors – UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Protective Wrap


Know that UV can reflect from other surfaces, like water, cement, snow, sands and more.. This means that even sitting in the shade does not mean you body does not get UV from sideways reflection. Wearing protective clothing can give you superior protection during day time.

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