Skin Cancer Awareness During Winter

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Winter UV Risks & Dangers

Many people might think that during winter there is less UV and less dangers from winter sun exposure. Cool weather, or freezing weather have no effect on the UV radiation your skin absorbs.

Snow or wet environment may even increase the UV radiation which reflects off surfaces and may increase the UV by 25%.

The reason most people feel “safe” during winter is because they feel they are not tanning. But tanning is caused by the short UV rays only. These rays are called UVB.

The short rays, do not reach earth at the same level during the seasons. UVB is more intense in the summer and less fierce during winter. UVB reach the upper epidermis layer and cause the body to produce melanin cells, which are pigment cells therefore cause tanning.

UVA Radiation During Winter

But the sun sends not only UVB radiation but UVA radiation too. These are the longer wavelength rays. UVA is at the same level during summer and winter, it is the same level at Arizona desert and Canada’s tundra.

Skin Cancer Awareness During Winter

UVA can penetrate clouds and some other semi transparent materials. UVA can penetrate most cotton shirts and natural weaved fabrics.

This means that even if you live in a northern state, and everyone is pale and seem to lack sun exposure, everyone may still be at risk of UV side effects diseases.

UV Protection Clothes For Winter

One of the best solutions to be protected and reduce the exposure to UV is to wear UV protective clothes. Unlike regular clothes which do not filter UV, the advanced UPF clothing (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) can reduce UV by 98%. New UPF clothes can now be found at Amazon, manufactured by some of the top leading apparel brands.

The UPF rating range from 15 to 50. When clothes get the 50 or 50+ rating it means they can filter over 98% of the incoming UV. 30 ratings mean approx 95% protection from UV.

Winter UV Protection ShirtWearing UPF long sleeve shirts will cover most of the upper body and block nearly all UVA radiation. You can wear your everyday clothes over the UPF T shirt, so you do not need a new wardrobe.

UPF 50+ Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt UVA Protection

Men’s UV Protective T-Shirt Tops

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Tops by Under Armour

Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

30+ UPF protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Smooth flatlock seams prevent chafing.

Long Sleeve UV T-Shirt Tops by Under Armour (20 colors available at Amazon)

UV Eye Protection at Winter

During winter, remember to wear UV protective glasses, the UV can cause eye damage. Snow can increase UV by 25%, and being unprotected may cause cataract and other UV eye diseases.

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