Reducing Children’s UV Exposure In The Back Seat

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How To Protect Children From UV In The Car

We have to be aware that UV dangers are not only at the beach or at the pool. The harmful UV radiation is all around us, all the time. One of the overlooked places where children are exposed to UV is while they are seated at the back seat.

The sun rays carry with them two different UV levels. UVB which are short UV rays and they are filtered by glass. So children in the carChildren UV protection in the car are exposed to less UVB if the windows are closed. The other UV level is the UVA. These are the longer UV rays which are close to visible light, and they have a high penetration ability, including glass, clouds and fabrics.

Because UVA are longer wavelength radiation, they can reach deeper into lower skin layers. Dermatologist believe that UVA has a significant part in the development of cancerous cells.

This means that when we are driving at summer, our children who are sitting at the back seat, are probably exposed to UVA. This is not a matter to dismiss. Doctors have found that there are more melanoma cases on the left side of men than on women, explained by the fact more men are behind the wheel, getting sunlight on their left side of the body!

How To Reduce UVA From Back Seat

First of all is awareness! Remember that UVA penetrates glass. Children strapped in their safety seat or booster, are not aware that they are under UV. If driving with air-conditioning at full power, the car may even be nice and cool. But the UVA is still there.

There are several solutions to protect your kids from UV.

You can apply a UV protection film over the window. There are two kinds, transparent and darkened masking film. No matter which you prefer they both block UVA from reaching your kids at the back seat.

Applying these UV protection films is easy, and once they are applied the back seat will also be cooler and entering the car will be more pleasant too. With a masking film the window operates the same, you can open and close the window as you wish.

The UV protection film is very affordable you can find it at Amazon: Special window UV protection film.

The second option which is also very easy to use, is to attach to the window cling UV shades, which reduce the UV inside the car. These shades will filter most of the direct UV, but since they are smaller than the window itself, sunlight may reach around it.

Since they are attached by vacuum to the window screen they can be removed easily. When they are attached the window can not be opened other wise the UV shade will drop off. They are affordable too, bought by many,  you can get them also at Amazon: Cling Sun Shades (2 in pack).

Wearing UV protection clothes is smart in the car and everywhere there is sunlight. For babies there are UV blankets which can cover their legs while sitting in their safety seat.

It is true that children’s skin is more vulnerable to UV, but we are in the car more hours than they are. So remember to protect yourself too.


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