Reduce UV Exposure With Home Solar Shades

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Home Sun Shade Can Reduce UV Exposure

We all know the threats of UV exposure when being outside. But not so many are aware of the UV threats inside their homes. The main risk for indoor UV exposure is for those living in sunny states, which have plenty of UV radiation throughout most of the year. I guess if you live in Wyoming you have less to worry about than those living in Arizona.

The sun sends two kinds of ultraviolet rays which reach earth, the UVB and UVA. UVB are shorter than UVA, and they do not penetrate clouds or fabrics. So they are easy to be dealt with. Any place you are in the shade you are protected from UVB.

The problem begins with avoiding and reducing UVA. These ultraviolet rays are closer on the spectrum of rays to visible sun light, so where ever there is sun light there might be reflection of UVA. These ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds, fabric and glass. This means that even when you are sitting at home near a wide window, UVA is present inside your home.

As mentioned above, we are all well aware and prepared to reduce UV when outside, but we might overlook solar dangers which sneak in from the exterior.

How To Reduce UV Exposure Indoors

There are three main ways to reduce solar UV radiation from penetrating your home. Sun shades which have the ability to block or filter UVA are the most convenient solution.

Garden Shade For UV1. Garden shading sail canopy – These shade the garden and if placed at the right location can shade the main living room window. The most important tip is to shade the light at the peak of UV during noon hours, by planning where to fix the shade.

Make sure the patio canopy can filter UVA, otherwise you have done nothing to reduce the main risk.

Window UV Shade2. Exterior Roll up Solar Shade – These shades are perfect to cover just the window you need to protect from the stern sun rays. They are used to protect the windows which are pointing toward the sun. People who prefer this solution are those who live in an apartment and the garden shading in not an option for them. 

The roll up shades come in two colors (light & dark) and can be rolled when not in use to allow more sun light to enter like at the evening or mornings. They filter about 85% of UVA. You can check Exterior Roll up Solar Shade solutions here. They can cool interior space and help save energy of air conditioning.

Window film for uv protection3. UV Film For Windows – These are placed over the window glass and tint the light and filter UV. Some come with tint others are transparent, they allow all the sun light into the house, they keep the temperature cooler and save energy.

The main cons of window UV film, is that it takes some know how to apply them, and they are usually permanent. The transparent UV protection films are more recommended because they block UV but allow more light in.

Sun protection can be preformed in house as well as outdoor. Which ever solution is best for you reducing UV is healthier and will prevent the furniture from fading.

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