Protection From Premature Skin Ageing

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UV Radiation & Premature Aging

Premature skin aging is a situation many women (and men) will want to avoid. The skin natural aging cycle is well known to us, we know that from certain age our skin will begin to wrinkle, get thinner, less elastic and may develop sun spots. But what if these symptoms of skin aging begin at a premature stage? While we are still young and fit? Once the skin premature aging process begins, it is very difficult to unwind it.

The best advise would be to invest as much as you can NOW to slow down the premature process, and give your skin few more years of natural glow and elastics.

Though there can be many causes for skin premature aging process, the number one cause is the UV radiation. For a few decades our skin is exposed to sun UV. A little part of our skin is exposed as is, and the most of our body skin is exposed to UV penetrating through our clothes.

While most people know how to protect heir skin from UVB (short rays) it is the UVA which have more effect on the prematuring process of our skin.

UVB skin rays can be easily filtered. Applying any SPF 30+ cream will lower UVB rates from the skin. Wearing any long sleeve shirts and long pants will block most of UVB when we are outside. Sitting in the shade will do the rest.

It’s UVA Radiation You Need To Block

UVA radiation are the longer ultraviolet light the sun sends. These light rays are at the same level all year round and can penetrate clouds, glass and clothes. Most SPF creams do not filter any UVA… This means that even if you thought you are protecting your skin you were merely protecting it from UVB.

UVA penetrates deeper into lower epidermis levels, causing the DNA damage, loss of elasticness, wrinkles, and cancerous mutations in the cells.

Women tend to focus only on facial skin. But premature skin aging will occur when the skin gets tired, and most of our skin is under our clothes and not at the face. Regular clothes (cotton or synthetic) do not filter UVA..

UVA Blocking Clothes For Premature Aging

Premature Aging Women Long Sleeve UPFIn the last decade more and more people have become aware of the long lasting damage UV can have on their skin. Manufacturers have now large collections of casual clothes which can block and filter up to 98% of UVA radiation.

These clothes are being tested to see how much UV they can block, and are rated by their protection level. The UPF clothes rating is like the SPF rating for cosmetics. No one will ever guess these clothes are UPF graded because there is nothing in them which can tell.

Check these elegant women wraps, which can be worn above any style and upgrade the upper body UVA protection by 99%! Or the UPF Columbia Women’s Bahama Long Sleeve Shirt.

“Better late than never”, is the best attitude toward skin aging. There is never a better time to begin then NOW. Everyday which pass your skin gets UVA radiation under your clothes, on cloudy days, and even when you are sitting in the shade.

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