Protecting Your Patio UV Umbrella at Winter

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Protecting UV Sun Umbrella at Winter

UPF sun patio umbrellaOne of the UV protection accessories any one with a patio or a backyard needs, is a sun umbrella. Most people buy their sun umbrella during spring or summer, when the days get hot, and sitting in the sun becomes unpleasant. UV sun umbrellas look just like regular beach umbrellas but the fabric in the canopy is designed to block UV rays.

The   high tech fabrics  absorb nearly all UV (up to 99% or UV) and protecting those sitting under it from harmful rays. Not all fabrics block UV. Regular fabrics can be penetrated by long UV rays, and those sitting under these umbrellas may not get tan, but their skin will get harmful doses of UV.

How To Protect The UV Umbrella at Winter

Outdoor patio sun umbrellaWhen autumn arrives the UV does not get weaker, UVA are still intense and only UVB get weaker as winter pulls in. There are still harmful UV radiation at autumn, but the sun heat is less intense and most people would fold the sun umbrella and as the winds begin to blow and the first rains begin to fall, will stack it in a shed or garage.

You need to protect the UPF sun umbrella you have with a special winter cover. It will help the fabric stay free from winter elements which is important to extend the period it can still block UV effectively.

Winter cover for UV sun umbrellaThe UV blocking fabrics, are special because they are dyed and weaved in special procedures, which makes them inaccessible for UV. Freezing weather, rain, and dampness can cause fabrics to decay, weaken, loosen and by next spring to block less UV than they where designed to.

The best thing you can do for your UV sun umbrella is to cover it with a weather resistant cover, which keeps water away, snow and freeze away, so when it is reused it will be like NEW.

Make sure it is totally dry when you cover it, and not wet from dew or rain.

If you still do not have a UV blocking outdoor umbrella, click here to buy UV Outdoor Patio Sun Umbrella with 32 solar LED lights! Enjoy UV free by day and free light by night! (See red sun umbrella above). And protect it at winter with a proper cover.


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