Protecting Kids From UV at The Pool

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Kids Must Have UV Protection at The Pool

UV safety by the pool for childrenChildren and kids need their parents to take the necessary measures to make sure they are protected from UV radiation when at the pool. One of the best summer times for children is going to a pool. It can be at home or at some tourist resort. They can be at the side of the pool for hours, jumping playing, splashing and having a great time.

During all this time, the sun takes it’s toll!

It is thought that 80 percent of the skin time exposure to the sun, occurs during childhood. Children are under the direct sun light for many hours, and their skin absorbs enormous doses of UV radiation. “The skin has memory..” dermatologists say. They mean that skin which is exposed to UV radiation may develop skin cancer 20 years later.

Children can not grasp the UV danger and lethal damage it brings with it. Staying away from the sun is not enough. UVB is direct sun light, and can be reduced with SPF creams and being in the shade. UVA is the long term skin killer, it is present everywhere.

UVA penetrates clouds, fabrics and gets into deep skin layers. UVA reflects from the pool’s water surface and can increase the overall UV by 25%! SPF creams are not effective for UVA radiation, and wearing a shirt does not reduce UVA either.

Dermatologist Explains UVA UVB

UV Protection is Parents Responsibility

Parents should do all they can to reduce the skin exposure to UV rays for their children. Education is one of the ways parents can make their kids aware of sun dangers. But with younger kids, education itself is not enough.

Apply full spectrum creams all over their uncovered skin. This includes the face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. The full spectrum creams block from UVA and from UVB. Regular SPF creams are irrelevant for UVA filtering. Here is Kids Sun Block Spray UVA/UVB SPF 70 (+bonus item).

If they are at the pool, the cream has to be water resistant, and need to be reapplied every hour to maintain the same protection level.

UPF Pool Clothings For Children

Angry Birds UV Swim Wear For BoysAnother way to reduce most of the UVA radiation is to get the children cool UPF water clothings. UPF clothes rated 50 are treated to block up to 99% of UV radiation.

UPF swimming trunks (see image) and a UPF shirt for kids will cover most of the child exposed skin. The hands and lower legs should be covered with the full spectrum lotions for best coverage. UPF rash guards are recomended when the children play in the water for hours. They protect their skin from the sun and are soft and dry quick. Like this low cost Surf Boys 2-7 Rashguard UPF 50 at Amazon.


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