Outdoors Sun UV Protection Gloves

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Protecting Your Hands From Harmful UV

bike-gloves UV protection sunThere are many important details to take care of when going outdoors. Sun UV should be one of them. The harmful rays of the sun pose more long term health risk than anything else you might encounter. When going on any activity whether it is fishing, hunting or hiking, being outside means lots of UV screening your body.

Those going on outback activity and have sense of awareness to the solar UV dangers usually have a hat, sun glasses and a sun blocking cream. But the part which are sometimes overlooked are the hands, or more precisely the back of the hands. The skin there is thin and exposed.

When we are driving, fishing, or holding a backpack, the back of our hand is exposed to the sun. This means the UV rays are absorbed there for hours and hours. Rarely do people apply anti UV cream to the back of their hands.

UV Protection Gloves

Women are more aware from UV dangers causing wrinkles to their hands skin, that is why many women wear UV protective gloves on daily basis. But these gloves are usually elegant feminine designed to be pulled up to cover all the way to the elbows.

But sports gloves, and outdoor gear gloves need to be rigid, tough to stand the friction and weather elements of outdoor weather. They need also to be able to block UV. Both types of UV radiation.

All gloves can block UVB which is the short rays. But the long term dangers and side effects are caused by the long UV rays which are the UVA type of rays. These UV rays are capable of penetrating through clouds and clothes. Regular clothes.

UV Gloves for outdoor sportsFor this reason when you get outdoor gear, you need to make sure you are getting UV protective gloves.

These gloves have a UPF rating which is a fabric metric like the SPF which is used for cosmetics.

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For the best sun protection you need the UPF 50 type of gloves , which mean they can block over 95% of incoming UV.


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